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Today was terribly hot - that flesh-melting, steaming-blob-on-the-pavement kind of hot in which you can do NOTHING but flop down somewhere and stay there for hours not moving at ALL.

I had to work today. Sean wanted me to bring him home a smoothie and a sandwich from Tim Horton's, but I could NOT walk the half-block to Timmy's in this weather at lunch-time. I got him a smoothie from the coffee shop downstairs so I didn't have to go outside, and thank god Eddie went to the grocery store today and bought a fresh baguette, so I was able to make him a sandwich when I got home.

But seriously, we have an indoor-outdoor thermometer which is right now showing 109 degrees F outside and 76 inside. Even the 76 is a bit too much but at least it's not 109! The inside-the-car thermometer was showing 36 C on the way home, which I suppose is the equivalent of near 100 F.

Some of my plants are dying. Everyone's lawn has gone from lush green to dusty brown in the matter of a week. We killed two weird-looking bugs inside the clinic today. That's not good.

But in talking to Olivia on Skype, I discovered that in Lloydminster, Alberta it never gets above 23 C during the day and drops to 5 C at night - perfect sleeping weather. And it stays light outside until almost midnight. And they get the Northern Lights! If anyone doesn't know what the Northern Lights are, here:


The picture was taken near Edmonton, Alberta, which is near where Olivia is living as well.

So I am good for nothing the rest of the day. I am going to watch some movies, try to eat something although I'm not even hungry, and then go to bed.

Btw, last night I watched an absolute stunner of a movie. It was just excellent, and not the type of thing I usually like (a prison movie) but it was so much more and I thought it was great. It's called 'A Prophet' and here are the details:

And last week I enjoyed another immensely entertaining film called 'Winter in Wartime', about a couple of Dutch kids who rescue a stranded British pilot during WWII. It was not at all depressing, but kept me on the edge of my seat with its amazing suspense. And it was beautifully photographed, as well as starring the incredibly attractive Jamie Campbell Bower as the downed pilot.

Okay, time to soldier on...

Hope everyone is managing to keep cool! :)
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I decided to do a more in-depth list of the teams I like/dislike in the Euro 2012 competition and reasons why.

Like Best:

#1: Germany - Why? It's a nice team with a nice coach & players, it's exciting to watch, & plays strong & attractive football.

#2: Spain - See above reasons but with more Spanish flair than strength.

#3: England - I know most of the players from the EPL. I hate only one of them - John Terry - but love the Liverpool and Spurs players, as well as some others. Their GKs are favourites of mine. I don't expect them to advance to the semis, but it would be great if they could. :)

#4: Ireland - It's an interesting team, I like some of the players, but I don't know them all that well, so I might change my mind again.

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Someone tweeted the other day: "How does anyone ever get anything fucking DONE?" Another person once told me how to use Twitter when I first opened my account. She said to use it only to get information from/about certain things that interest you. But I've noticed that a lot of people also use it for holding conversations, somewhat akin to texting each other. I find that Twitter works best for me if I check it quickly to find game scores or other news about my teams. Conversations, as long as they are brief, are okay too. But because the tweets update so quickly, it gives me a headache if I stay on it for too long. And it is so easy to get sucked into spending loooong hours on Twitter that prevent you from doing anything else at all!

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Game of Thrones, Season 2, Episode 5

This was the halfway point in the season, and having read through Book Two again, here is what I thought would occur on the show.


If you haven't read through Book Five in the series, DO NOT read this post!

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The funny side of autism:

I asked Sean why he rearranges his furniture at angles so it's not flat against the wall, and he told me it's because he leans on it, thus it gets pushed away from the wall a bit, and gets stuck at odd angles. I had to laugh because his explanation was so simple and the reason was not that he did it deliberately.

On another note, his sudden blurting has escalated, to the point I'm worried he might develop Tourette's Syndrome. So far Sean is not on any medications and I'd like to keep it that way. Any kind of drugs/medications are bad, very bad. Because I work in a doctor's office, I know so many things...I always threatened to write a book blowing the whistle on the medical profession when I retire. But I am seriously thinking about starting it now, because I think it will take me a long time to finish it and I want to get certain facts out there in the public.

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I have been in absentia lately for a number of reasons. The Easter weekend was very busy, with family and friends eating up a large part of my time. Also, there's been a nasty stomach bug making the rounds and has all but knocked me out so I've been too tired for anything other than lying on my bed watching TV after coming home from work.

And I've been a lot cheesed off with football. My teams aren't doing particularly well and I've been concerned about corruption in the sport raising its ugly head once again. But I am looking forward to the European Championships this summer, as well as the Olympics.

On TV, Game of Thrones' second season has begun and looks great - the same high quality as the first season. The Borgias' Season Two is about to begin too. And I have become a big fan of Mad Men, a series I had never watched before. But I've spent so much time in watching it the past week that I feel I'm actually living inside the show! LOL.

I've also watched a LOT of movies on Netflix. I prefer independent dramas to the blockbuster stuff, and I can recommend the following movies highly:

Heading South (a film taking place in Haiti), Fish Tank (British), Bride Flight (Dutch), The North Face (German), The Beautiful Person (French), Sidewalls (Argentina), and three films from or about Belgium (Antares, In Bruges and Moscow, Belgium).

Now it's time for me to get caught up with my flist! ♥
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What a day. Okay, I'll try to make this short.

Yesterday my husband (Eddie) had to have surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff (it's in the shoulder). So of course, yesterday morning I threw my back out. I have no idea how, but it's stiff as a board and excruciatingly painful. I went to work anyway, after dropping Eddie off at the hospital first. And because I work for a doctor, I was able to get medication there (Celebrex, a strong anti-inflammatory, and Robax, a muscle relaxant). They got me through the day okay, I got home in time for Sean when he returned from school, and was able to go back out to pick Eddie up at 6:30 PM when they called me to say he could go home, and stop on the way back at the pharmacy to get his scripts for pain meds filled.

But today....OYYYYY. I can't move. The pain in my back is unreal. I can't do a damn thing, and once Eddie's nerve block wore off he was in terrible pain also. He took his pain meds as instructed but they didn't work too well at first, so I called the surgeon's office and was told he could double up on them. Thank god that seemed to work, because there is no way I can drive.

As for me, the meds weren't working either. I took one of Eddie's as well (Percocet) but it didn't do anything except make me groggy as hell. So I phoned my boss and he told me I could double up my meds too. I'm still in a lot of pain but am a bit more mobile.

Anyway, because of this I cannot do anything I had planned for today. I am sorry, but everything is going to have to wait until I can bear to sit at the comp for an extended amount of time.

Cheers to all.♥
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About a year ago I decided I would begin collecting jerseys when I went to Spain and Portugal. The first shirts I bought were from Sevilla FC and Benfica in Lisbon. Since then I've added to my collection. I've begun to collect National Team jerseys as well. I was just discussing them with [ profile] aglaiya on my flist, because I want the Mexico NT shirt so badly, and there is a store near me which stocks any and all shirts, but the Mexican NT (and the albiceleste from Argentina) shirts sell out so fast they can't keep them in stock. After about 5 trips with no luck, I've finally ordered the Mexican one. Anyway, I thought I'd do a picspam of the shirts I have. Below the cut!



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