Jul. 22nd, 2016

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Oh yes, of course, at the beginning of the hottest period of the summer, we decided to close our swimming pool and have it filled in and the backyard resodded. Not really, we had decided to do it a couple of months ago but it took that long until the guys we hired could start work on our place. Ryan, the man in charge, told us he had done 32 pool closings so far this season!!!

They did a wonderful job. I have put before and after photos below the cut. Fact was that since our kids had grown and moved away we weren't using the pool anymore and we deduced that the cost of keeping it open for nobody to use outweighed the expense of having it filled in ($7,000 paid in cash so we got a bit of a discount). We do have a hot tub and lowered the temperature to 87 degrees F so it's quite comfortable to sit in and cool off. The pool would have been nice and for Sean too but we quite like having a lawn now.

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