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My apologies to Led Zeppelin for stealing the title of their most awesome song. ;)

Game of Thrones


I cannot believe that this season has gone by so fast. Episode 8 will air tonight, but it feels as if the season just began. O_O

Anyway, here are what my predictions were for what would occur in Episode 7 (based only on the book), followed by what really happened in the TV series, and my opinions about that.

My Predictions for Episode 7:

1. Arya would witness just how bad Roose Bolton, Vargo Hoat and Biter are, and make plans to leave Harrenhal. (Of course, in the series Roose is with Robb in the Riverlands, and I don't think we've seen Vargo Hoat or Biter yet, although the series has an annoying way of not telling us what a lot of the peripheral characters' names are when they are being shown. SOME of these characters become important later in the books, but goodness knows what Benioff & Weiss are going to do with them.)

2. Dany goes through the House of the Undying. (Not yet! In the series, the dragons have been kidnapped, which didn't happen in the book, and taken presumably to the House of the Undying, where Dany will probably go this week.)

3. Theon and his men try to find Bran, Rickon and the rest of their party. (This did actually happen.)

4. In this episode Jon Snow and Ygritte were to have met (as well as the other Wildlings) but in the series the Jon & Ygritte story has been ramped up somewhat.

5. Sansa meets Ser Dontos again (for the third time) in the Godswood, to discuss her rescue. (Dontos seems to have been replaced by Sandor Clegane in the series.)

6. Sansa then meets Sandor Clegane and they have a talk. (Okay, this did happen. But she got her period, which is significant, but was supposed to have happened in the last episode. However, now it is urgent that she get away soon, before she has to undergo the ultimate horror of marrying Joffrey and bearing his children.)

7. Cat is told about the deaths of Bran and Rickon and how Theon is responsible. She tells Brienne that she wants these people dead: Theon, Jaime, Cersei and Tyrion. (Things with Cat, Brienne and Jaime ended differently, and Jaime never killed anyone in the book!!!!!)

8. Cat goes to see Jaime and after their conversation she sets him free into Brienne's custody. (Not yet! Not yet! But it's coming!)

9. Theon has Bran and Rickon's severed heads mounted on iron spikes atop the gatehouse. (He actually burned their bodies in the series, then hung them intact on the walls for all to see.)

My opinions:

While I love the Arya/Tywin connection, it is showing Tywin totally out of character. In the books he is not a nice person at all, has absolutely no sense of humour whatsoever, but the change of character doesn't actually bother me that much. I got from their banter a real sense of foreshadowing of an Arya/Cersei confrontation in the future, which hasn't happened yet in the books, but I just wonder. In the episode, Tywin tells Arya, "You remind me of my daughter", which was very interesting. Also interesting was Arya's interest in the Targaryens and that she was a student of history, because so was Tyrion, as we've seen in the first season, when Tyrion visited the Wall and talked to Jon about it. The dragons are supposed to have three riders, and there is a lot of conjecture about who the three will be. Some say they will be Dany, Tyrion (who might have Targaryen blood), and the third could indeed be Arya.

I sincerely hope that Vargo Hoat will not be left out of the series, although I suppose Benioff & Weiss could replace him with one of the Boltons. But someone has to cut off Jaime's hand later on.

The Dany story is progressing as it should be, I suppose, with a few changes. Her Dothraki bodyguards seem to be dying at an alarming rate, however, I suppose that doesn't really matter in the end. I do hope that The Unsullied will be in the series. I loved them to death.
Benioff & Weiss seem to be creating more drama by having the dragons 'kidnapped'. And I did enjoy Dany's scenes with the incredibly compelling Jorah Mormont.

The Theon story has not been too much tampered with, thank goodness, because it is one of the best, IMO. But now we will probably not be seeing him for quite awhile, if his storyline sticks with that of the books.

I am very interested in Sansa's story. I hope it follows the way it is supposed to go in the books. But it's such a great story that even if Benioff & Weiss decide to change some of the details, it probably won't matter that much. I suppose we don't really need Ser Dontos, but if B & W decide to make Sandor into Sansa's saviour and be delivered into the hands of Littlefinger later on, then he can't disappear after the Battle of the Blackwater, as in the books. And eventually meet up with Arya. However, if Arya's journey is not as lengthy and convoluted as in the books, then that could still happen, if they make Sandor disappear after he rescues Sansa next season, I suppose.

Now we come to Cat, Brienne and Jaime. Oh my god, but do I love this trio to death! I watched the episode 5 times and still slavered over them. I love what they've done with Jaime's part, even that they made him kill those two poor boys, which of course, he never did in the book. But he and Cat have a wonderful 'relationship' of sorts, and I am just dying to see how he and Brienne get along after Cat sets him free. I literally cannot wait.

Jon & Ygritte. I hate this. Ygritte is nothing but annoying. What a tramp. I didn't find her so unsympathetic in the book. Yes, she was feisty, but not so relentlessly one-note! And Jon is being made to look like the world's biggest moron! How dare they do that to Jon! Let's hope things will change, because they have to, in order for Jon to eventually become Lord Commander and a great decision maker (well, in some things, if not all things). Perhaps B & W are making it this way for more dramatic effect because when Jon has to kill Ygritte later on, there will be a reason for it. I can see that they will have created this drama because at first Jon let her escape, then kills her later on, next season. Even though in the book, it was by accident.

As for Robb and Jeyne Westerling/Lady Taleesa WTF, this is not the way it should be. But clearly Robb is lusting after this girl, and why would they add another one in the form of Jeyne for the series? And there have been no Tullys and no Riverrun! However, Cat mentioned in the last episode that Robb was to remember his promise, which was to marry one of the Frey girls. We all know what is supposed to happen when he doesn't do that. But I suppose that Walder Frey and his men can come to the Riverlands instead, where Robb is camped, and do the deed there, without benefit of having the Red Wedding. Disappointing to say the least, though. :(

Perhaps the character changes are being made in the interest of providing more drama for the series. I don't know. But Cersei is also being shown to be much more sympathetic than in the books, and I don't like it. They are clearly making Joffrey the 'bad guy' all by himself.

Still, I can't wait for tonight's episode!

What Should Happen in Episode 8 (according to the book):

1. Asha (Yara in the series, Theon's sister) arrives in Winterfell with 20 men, but she only wants to leave 10 of them with Theon to guard against invasion.

2. Theon will not let Maester Luwin put Bran and Rickon's bodies in the crypts.

3. Davos sets sail to Blackwater in his ship 'Black Betha'. His ship runs into the ship 'White Hart', on which are the canisters of wildfire. The canisters are broken and wildfire spreads across the water.

4. Davos backs his ship away but it sinks and he falls into the water. He sees the chain. (They did not establish there was a chain yet in the series, and maybe they won't.)

5. Tyrion leads a sortie out to the Blackwater. He falls.

6. Ser Mandon Moore looks as if he will rescue Tyrion, but instead tries to kill him. Tyrion is saved by Podrick. (I wonder if they will leave Podrick out and have Lancel rescue him instead. I think they will need Podrick for later, though, when he becomes Brienne's companion.)

7. Lancel is badly injured in the battle, and stumbles into the Red Keep where everyone screams at his horrific appearance. (I hope they don't destroy his prettiness TOO much, though. Or perhaps they will leave the horrific wounds to Tyrion, have Shae and perhaps Sansa look after him, and make Lancel the one who eventually accompanies Brienne.)

Look at me trying to second guess what changes Benioff & Weiss will make!

We will see.

Oh, here is a vid of the Led Zep song. It really is a good one. ;)

Date: 2012-05-20 04:20 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Holy shit! What are you doing???? Will you write a new story???

Only some thoughts: I DISLIKE the new Daenerys story line in the series! Everything is wrong for me!

Sansa: I never liked her in the books and I don't like her in the series. She is beautiful but very stupid! I disliked Dantos in the books! may they change her story or not - it's not interesting for me.

Sandor: still like him and I hope they will show him together with Arya!

Arya: LOVE her!

Tywin: what a shit new story!!!!!!! He is an arsehole and not a nice guy!!!

*LOL* @ Jon and Ygritte. In the books I love their relationchips and it is very well written but now???? She is like a whore and Jon is a tumb idiot????

If they will make more changes I will not watch it anymore :( I love the books too much and my own imaginations and these 'makers' will NOT destroy the fun of reading and dreaming.

Date: 2012-05-20 04:43 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
LOL - NO! I am not writing a new story! I am comparing the books to the TV series and showing the differences!

OMG - I should put 'SPOILERS' on it somewhere because I have named a LOT of them!

The Daenerys storyline is not going anywhere atm. But in Episode 9 of the series she should meet Strong Belwas and 'Whitebeard' - two characters I LOVED in the books - and things should get going! I hope the dragons will burn the fat black man and that shit Holy Fuck Scary Looking bald guy and kill them dead! I hate them both!

I still like the way they are showing Mormont, but I think Dany could be a little nicer to him. However, she believes he was sent to spy on her by the Baratheons/Lannisters (which he was) and so she cannot trust him!

You KNOW in the books Sansa changes and becomes very GOOD!

I also hope they will show Sandor with Arya and not ruin everything!

Arya is wonderful. :)

Jon and Ygritte: was this supposed to appeal to the teenagers in the audience? They have spoiled it all!!!!

You know what the problem is with the series? The makers are Americans!!! Do the Hollywood Americans not destroy everything good? (I know GRRM is American too, but he writes with more of an English mind!)

I hope the series does NOT spoil the books. I will continue watching to the bitter end because I want to know what they do with it!

Thanks for your comments. It is so much fun to discuss! XD

Date: 2012-05-20 06:26 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I know *smiles*

I forgot ROBB! This story line is also like shit in the series!!!

I love Daenerys but her story in the books is somwtimes very boring!
I like Mormont in the series more than in the books :( That's not a good sign! I dislike all the others, except her Dothraki men!

I cannot stand Sansa, for me she is tooooooooooooooooooo stupid and I cannot imagine she can ever change. (haven't read the last book)

teenagers in the audience *lol* You may be right with the Americans! They can destroy everything! Why they change things to the worse? Why GRRM gives his 'okay'?

I hope we can enjoy the next part of the series!

Date: 2012-05-30 09:28 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Just read through all your insightful opinions and they are pretty much spot on with mine in most cases. Here is my take on the season so far and the future of the series:

I’m still trying to reconcile TV Tywin, whom I’m loving, to book Tywin, whom I loathe. Of course I prefer tv Tywin but what will happen when we reach the eventual conclusion of book three (Tywin vs Tyrion)? In the book there was never any question – I can’t imagine anyone not siding with Tyrion given what happened and happens to him. But how will this climax play out against a sympathetic and likeable Tywin that we are now familiar with on the HBO series? I fear some people may actually turn on fan favourite Tyrion for what he does to Tywin.

I keep waiting for Vargo Hoat to show up…there has been no mention of him and nothing in casting either so I’m suspecting someone else will be responsible for maiming Jaime. I never cared for Vargo in the books so I truly wouldn’t be too upset with the change.

I have no problem with the changes to Dany’s story. In the books her story is very dull and almost repetitive at times. I like the twist with the dragons being stolen. Gives it a bit of a punch. Imagine the casting call for the extras for the Unsullied…LOL!!!

I actually think the Theon story has been made even more compelling in the tv series. Book two Theon was never likeable…there was not a redeeming bone in Theon’s body. In the series though I find myself feeling sad for Theon. You really see notice how he has been snubbed by his family and has no one to help, support or guide him (arguably Maester Luwin could be a mentor…but in Theon’s defense Maester Luwin’s priority is to the Starks and Theon is only an afterthought). TV Theon will be sadly missed in the next few seasons…I hope they find a way to keep him around. I truly do hope that the series is successful enough to make it to A Dance with Dragons….Theon will be without doubt the star of that season.

As for Sansa, I think the Ser Dontos/Sansa storyline will happen…but not till next season. Given the enormous cast I can’t imagine them introducing Ser Dontos if he didn’t have a significant role in the future. So yes it will happen…just not for a while. Only problem with that is it made Sansa’s rejection of Sandor’s offer seem unquestionably odd. Why not just go with Sandor? He would have protected her and taken her to her mother (granted he would have likely asked for quite the reward but still she would have been safe and away from King’s Landing!!). At least in the book she had the good Ser Dontos plotting her potential escape. But in the series it makes no sense for her to stay behind rather than take Sandor’s offer.

Don’t even get me started on Jon & Ygritte. I marginally liked Ygritte in the books…she was okay but not anything special. In the series, she is just plain annoying. And Jon…so painfully idiotic this season. It seems hardly realistic that he can be that obtuse. And yet he will go on to be the Lord Commander? At this point I’d say Sam stands a better chance. If it weren’t for the rest of the wildings and for Qhorin, I wouldn’t be able to sit through the North scenes. Seriously, this is their idea of teen romance? It is about as pathetic as the romance scenes from Star Wars II with Padme (Natalie Portman) and Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) which are, unfortunately, forever burned into my memories.

Good news re: the Tullys. Edmure and the Blackfish are definitely being cast for season three. So bring on the REAL Red Wedding. No need for any changes. And just as important they will also be including the Reeds in season three. I think too many people were complaining for the lack of Reeds this year so finally our prayers were answered.

What did you think of the Blackwater episode?

Date: 2012-05-30 11:46 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I am going to work backwards in replying! I thought the Blackwater episode was outstanding. I loved it. The characters Tyrion, Bronn, Lancel and Sandor were just excellent. :) But I need to make another post on what I thought of the last 2 episodes, which I thought were much truer to the book. :)

You have absolutely made my day/week/year by telling me that the Tullys and Reeds have been cast for next season! Hallelujah!

I have greatly enjoyed the Dolorous Edd character in the North, as I have Bronn in King's Landing. And I like Sam very much, as well as Qhorin. Ygritte is hideous. But I am so disappointed in what they've done with Jon. However, I think their idea might be to let his character show 'growth' throughout the series. If he starts off fairly dumb (although I prefer 'inexperienced') then he can mature and develop people skills a lot better as things progress.

Oh Sandor, Sandor, Sandor. Alas...I don't think Sansa will go with him, although it is feasible that she could. Sandor could take her to Littlefinger. Didn't they both disappear at the same time in the books? Although to have her stay in King's Landing, they would have to come up with a valid reason, and perhaps they have done that. Although I thought that Tyrion alone could be blamed for Joffrey's death and Sansa wouldn't have to be involved. I think they are making Shae more likeable in the series as well. I didn't like her in the books at all.

The Theon story is one of the best, IMO. You are so right. Kudos to Alfie Allen for making such a dark character so compelling. And I feel the same about Maisie Williams and Nicholas Koster-Waldau, as well as Michelle Fairley and the actress who plays Brienne (I'm ashamed for not remembering her name.) I actually cannot wait to see what Ramsay Bolton is like. I hope he appears in the last episode of this season. :)

Yes! For me, the Dany story drags behind the rest, so anything to spice it up is welcome. In the last episode she should be meeting Strong Belwas and Whitebeard, and leave for Astaphor, which should help move things along a bit.

As for Robb and Taleesa, I had actually changed my mind on what I thought would happen. I think Taleesa was just added for a bit of love interest to appease Richard Madden's fangirls. She will probably get killed, and then he'll meet Jeyne Westerling next season. Or it could be Taleesa he wants to marry, but obviously they had to leave in the Red Wedding. It's one of the book's many highlights, none of which should be left out.

If there is no Vargo Hoat, then I suppose someone else should be cutting off Jaime's hand. As long as Beric Dondarrion is going to be in the series (which I suppose he will be, since he is so key to more than one storyline), I could live without Vargo Hoat.

I'll write something up to post for this Saturday, if not before.

I can't wait for Episode 10, even though it will mean the end of the season. :(


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