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I wish everyone a very happy Christmas, however you celebrate it. I'll leave you with a photo of festive fireworks from Cali, Colombia.

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Not much to report. I needed to rest so made sure I got some. Aside from laundry, I read a bit (three more chapters of A Dance With Dragons), spent a little time on the 'net (had to try at least 10 times to make a Livejournal post today, but it finally went in), and watched a couple of movies on DVD.

The Movies
I finished watching 'The American Friend' by Wim Wenders. His films are always so beautifully photographed and are always so interesting, even though the subject matter sometimes is a bit simple (see 'Lisbon Story'). Don't get me wrong, I love 'Lisbon Story' and its gorgeous Fado music. However, Lisbon is NOT as poor and seedy as it looks in this film! But 'The American Friend' was great. It had an interesting, provocative story, great actors (Dennis Hopper, Bruno Ganz) and a beautiful sense of mystery about it. Even though I found the ending a bit abrupt.

I did two loads of laundry and hung them on the line outside. They smelled fresh and felt warm from the sun, if a bit stiff because they didn't go through the dryer in order to soften them.

Did you know that the clothes dryer, the oven and air conditioner use the greatest amount of the electric energy in your house?

I didn't feel much like eating today. For breakfast I had a cup of coffee and a banana wrapped in a plain tortilla spread with Nutella. For lunch I made myself a fried egg and wrapped it in a tortilla spread with ketchup. (I have to eat tortillas instead of bread because of my celiac disease.) For dinner I ate some honey-garlic chicken wings and on the side a salad with mango dressing. I ate an orange for dessert.

Now I am going to make a cup of tea with perhaps some cinnamon toast, and sit down to watch the Under-20 World Cup on TV. Host team Colombia is playing tonight. And I LOVE anything Colombian.♥
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Well, I've been wondering what to write for my first post here. Since I don't have that much time tonight, I'll just make a list of things that I need to do and/or worry about in the next few days.


It's going well. I am excited about a switch to a new computer system that is supposed to create an entirely paper-free office. I just can't imagine functioning without files.


Chaotic as usual. It was Joseph's first birthday yesterday and also Jamie's gf Kari's. For Joseph we bought a cake and ice cream and enjoyed it at home. For Kari's, a group of about 50 went up to her parents' cottage for the weekend, and last night Jamie took her out to a Brazilian restaurant for dinner. I've had to do an inordinate amount of paperwork lately...filling in all sorts of forms for this and that and the other...which I'm not used to, and found exhausting. And I am reading Book Five in GRR Martin's epic fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire, trying not to read it too fast. But it's so difficult not to, because it's so compelling and I just want to rush through it.


I feel the summer is half over and I haven't accomplished anything I meant to do. And that's despite being off on vacation for three weeks, staying at home, but still accomplishing next to nothing. Frustration is building. Should I just shrug off that tense feeling and forget it? Or should I try getting my ass moving and getting something done before September arrives?

I do have to get back into my Spanish course before I forget what I've learned already. The windows in the house need a good cleaning, and so do the carpets. I'm struggling with the urge to hire someone rather than do it myself. On the other hand, I could do it myself and put the money I'd save towards the fund for my next trip.

I didn't mean to write this much. It's just rambling, so I'll stop now. :)


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