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Today was terribly hot - that flesh-melting, steaming-blob-on-the-pavement kind of hot in which you can do NOTHING but flop down somewhere and stay there for hours not moving at ALL.

I had to work today. Sean wanted me to bring him home a smoothie and a sandwich from Tim Horton's, but I could NOT walk the half-block to Timmy's in this weather at lunch-time. I got him a smoothie from the coffee shop downstairs so I didn't have to go outside, and thank god Eddie went to the grocery store today and bought a fresh baguette, so I was able to make him a sandwich when I got home.

But seriously, we have an indoor-outdoor thermometer which is right now showing 109 degrees F outside and 76 inside. Even the 76 is a bit too much but at least it's not 109! The inside-the-car thermometer was showing 36 C on the way home, which I suppose is the equivalent of near 100 F.

Some of my plants are dying. Everyone's lawn has gone from lush green to dusty brown in the matter of a week. We killed two weird-looking bugs inside the clinic today. That's not good.

But in talking to Olivia on Skype, I discovered that in Lloydminster, Alberta it never gets above 23 C during the day and drops to 5 C at night - perfect sleeping weather. And it stays light outside until almost midnight. And they get the Northern Lights! If anyone doesn't know what the Northern Lights are, here:


The picture was taken near Edmonton, Alberta, which is near where Olivia is living as well.

So I am good for nothing the rest of the day. I am going to watch some movies, try to eat something although I'm not even hungry, and then go to bed.

Btw, last night I watched an absolute stunner of a movie. It was just excellent, and not the type of thing I usually like (a prison movie) but it was so much more and I thought it was great. It's called 'A Prophet' and here are the details:

And last week I enjoyed another immensely entertaining film called 'Winter in Wartime', about a couple of Dutch kids who rescue a stranded British pilot during WWII. It was not at all depressing, but kept me on the edge of my seat with its amazing suspense. And it was beautifully photographed, as well as starring the incredibly attractive Jamie Campbell Bower as the downed pilot.

Okay, time to soldier on...

Hope everyone is managing to keep cool! :)

Date: 2012-07-06 10:52 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
tooooooooooo hot weather here as well :(

I hope you will have sweet dreams....

Date: 2012-07-07 10:48 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
It seems to be about the same in Berlin as in Toronto. :)

I have had strange dreams...not bad but strange... O_O

Date: 2012-07-07 02:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
it's raining all night and day now :(

a dream about Gerardo and him winning?

Date: 2012-07-07 03:15 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
It rained all morning here but the sun has come out now.

No Gerardo! If only...

I am frustrated because I cannot get on the comp! Sean is here this weekend and still sleeping. I am using the laptop but it has limitations. I want to post pics of Gerardo! :P

Date: 2012-07-07 03:39 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
When the boy is sleeping you can have the PC for you and I guess it is not the best for him to be all day at the PC. But you know my opinion.

It's still raining....

Wanna see Gerardo pics :)

Date: 2012-07-07 03:46 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
The PC is in Sean's room and I don't want to disturb him. I could have sneaked in and used it early but I was doing something else. I guess tomorrow morning I will use it and can be nice and quiet. Sean doesn't use the PC very much, but he stays in his room most of the time and if he is there and I am there he will talk to me the whole time so I can't do anything.

I guess it is raining everywhere, although we now have sunshine. But I went to watch the tennis and it was suspended because of rain. Then I turned on the Tour de France and that was also suspended because of rain. Last night I watched a U-19 match between Spain and Portugal. It was the only football that was on.

Maybe I will go and read something now. I have the next 6 days off and it will be nice to have lots of time for things. ;)

Date: 2012-07-07 04:12 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You will do it ;)

NO football now, I miss it!

I'm following some transfer news! Jackson Martinez is the new PORTO player!!!

There are some surprising news....

RAIN and RAIN and RAIN....

Date: 2012-07-07 07:23 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I've just been talking to Olivia again on Skype. That was fun.
I thought the U-19 football was good - they are competing for a chance to be in the U-20 WC next year. Both Spain and Portugal made it - they were dead even with each other. I like Portugal...

Soon we will have the Olympics!

I saw about Jackson Martinez! That is GREAT news! What other surprising news have you heard/seen???????

Date: 2012-07-07 07:26 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Enjoy the football boys *smiles*

I post the for me interesting news at my lj.

Date: 2012-07-06 10:57 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
oh, amazing!!!!! i really want to see the northern lights one day :')
hello from finland:) heard it's really hot in moscow, fortunately just about +24 here :) without the +5 at night loool, it basically never gets dark (officially the length of the day is about 20h)

Date: 2012-07-07 10:46 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I want to see the Northern Lights too. Maybe Sean and I will go see Olivia next month. ;)

Wow - Finland sounds a lot like Northern Alberta. ;)

Date: 2012-07-07 06:06 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
ughhhh try to stay cool and indoors as much as possible! x.x

What did the weird bugs look like?

Date: 2012-07-07 10:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Luckily I have a four-day break coming up and will be able to do some things I was wanting to do... ;)

They were like HUGE earwigs! They had some of us screaming. :(

Date: 2012-07-10 03:27 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
That's crazy hot, holy moly! We went to the States this weekend so it was a little cooler down there (I think). 109 is nuts!
I've never seen the Northern Lights but I'd *love* to one day.
That movie sounds neat, too!

Date: 2012-07-10 09:03 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
LOL - yeah! It's still hot here, but it depends where you go. We have gone to the beach a couple of times, eating poutine (yum) and walking along the boardwalk. Much cooler by the water!

Me too - I want to go up to Edmonton later this summer and catch those Northern Lights.

Ah, that movie! I've seen quite a few great ones lately from a couple of years ago that I'd never seen before. Thank you, Netflix! XD

Date: 2012-07-12 04:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
It's way too hot here too - and it's not the heat that bothers me but the humidity. I really need to move to the sea, this continental climate is not good for me.

That pic of the Northern Lights is gorgeous! Wow! And Olivia is living in a place where the lighs appear? Way cool!

I watched two films on Sunday and enjoyed them a lot: "St Trinian's" (very awesome, with Rupert Everett playing a double role and having some UST with Colin Firth!) and "Presumed Innocent" (enjoyable, with an excellent ending). :)

Date: 2012-07-12 06:01 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ughhh...I know...the humidity is overwhelming. I need to move to the Basque Country a coastal or mountainous climate too! XDDDD

YES!!! Olivia is living right near where the picture was taken and she sees the green lights too. I wonder if the colours change during the winter? In the winter they will have very short days and lots of night...but the Northern Lights help to dispel that. :)

ST. TRINIAN'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, YES!!!! It was awesome! I enjoyed it so much! I think I've seen 'Presumed Innocent' too, but probably a long time ago and I'll have to refresh my memory.

OMG, I've just seen a film called "The Way" about an older man who walks the "Camino de Santiago de Compostela" because his son died tragically in an accident just one day into his pilgrimage and the father decides to do the camino in his place. OMG...usually I don't like American films that much, but this was shot on location along the walk and it's AWESOME. So many times, I said "OMG, I've been so NEAR there!!!!" It was so beautiful! And a good story, too. ;)


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