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Someone tweeted the other day: "How does anyone ever get anything fucking DONE?" Another person once told me how to use Twitter when I first opened my account. She said to use it only to get information from/about certain things that interest you. But I've noticed that a lot of people also use it for holding conversations, somewhat akin to texting each other. I find that Twitter works best for me if I check it quickly to find game scores or other news about my teams. Conversations, as long as they are brief, are okay too. But because the tweets update so quickly, it gives me a headache if I stay on it for too long. And it is so easy to get sucked into spending loooong hours on Twitter that prevent you from doing anything else at all!


It's great for keeping up with friends and family, and for playing games. But it's horrible for the lack of privacy unless you cut out people altogether. It has a confusing layout. I really don't like Facebook that much.

Livejournal and other online journal/blog sites are great. Anything that lets you control your own privacy and gives you the freedom to post your own opinions and whatever you want, is awesome. And the ability to add large photos, artwork, videos, etc., easily and that are easy to see with a simple 'click' is a great plus, making these my favourite types of social networking sites.

And while I have accounts at ALL these places, including Tumblr, Dreamwidth and some blogging sites, I hardly ever use them. All I need is more free time, though, and someday I will have it.

Game of Thrones, Season 2, Episode 5

This was the halfway point in the season, and having read through Book Two again, here is what I thought would occur on the show.


If you haven't read through Book Five in the series, DO NOT read this post!

Here is what I thought might happen:

1. Sansa meets Ser Dontos in the Godswood where he promises to help her escape and go home. Then she runs into The Hound on the way back.

2. Tyrion learns about wildfire.

3. Bran meets the Reeds. Meera tells him about the green dreams.

4. Arya and Gendry become closer and talk about who they really are. Arya runs into Weese. (Who seems to have been replaced by Tywin.)

5. Jaqen tells Arya that he'll give her three wishes.

6. Catelyn speaks with her family. We meet the Blackfish.

7. Robb plans to release a Lannister/Frey cousin that he was holding prisoner.

8. Renly is killed at the end of the show, after having one last love scene with Loras.

9. Jon finds the Dragonglass and a black cloak buried in the snow, on what looked like a burial mound.

What really happened in the episode:

1. There was no Sansa, Hound, or Joffrey scene this week.

2. Tyrion does learn about the wildfire.

3. No Reeds. I was so afraid that these beloved characters would be left out, despite the fact that they would seem to be so necessary. But I suppose they are to be replaced by Osha and perhaps Cold Hands later on.

4. Arya and Gendry DO talk. There is no Weese, who seems to have been replaced by Tywin Lannister.

5. True! Jaquen did give Arya her 3 wishes.

6. No Tullys! Not yet, anyway.

7. NO Robb in this episode either.

8. Renly WAS killed, but in the opening scene! NO last love scene with Loras. *sigh*

9. NO Dragonglass. Not YET.

10. Also, there were scenes with Dany and the dragons, and while nothing much happened in Qarth, we did get to see the dragons and how they are growing and starting to eat meat.

11. And there was a scene with Theon and Asha. Sorry, I will not call her 'Yara', the made-up name the producers gave her. It's totally ridiculous, because 'Yara' sounds like 'Arya' and the reason why they changed the name 'Asha' to 'Yara' was because they thought 'Asha' sounded like 'Osha' and it would confuse the viewers. Duh. Asha and Osha have absolutely NO scenes together at ALL, so what sense does that make? Yara-Arya, Asha-Osha - what the hell is the difference? :(

Okay, that was fun. I can't wait for the next episode. They have all been superb this season so far. :)

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