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These seem to be making the rounds:

First, a musical meme:

Musical I hate: Carrie (I haven't seen it but it just sounds horrible)
Musical that's overrated: A Chorus Line
Musical that's underrated: Thoroughly Modern Millie
Musical I love: South Pacific
Musical I cherish: Funny Girl
Musical that changed my life: On A Clear Day You Can See Forever
First musical I was in: I wasn't IN any musicals! My son Jamie was in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in school. Does that count?
First professional musical I saw : Man of La Mancha

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photo test

Apr. 25th, 2017 08:17 am
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This is my second attempt to post photos:

These are random. I just wanted to see if my attempt would work. Pics are below the cut:

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I'm trying to figure out how to post photos. I tried doing the e-mail thing but nothing happened.

Will open an Instagram account and see if that works. *sigh* I've exhausted myself so might go and have a nap now before I try again.

Here is the post I wanted to make (with photos if I could manage it):

One of my hobbies is gardening but in recent years I've had to scale down my attempts to putter in the garden because work was getting to me to the point I'd arrive home exhausted and want to do nothing else but sleep. I was able to cut my job's hours down and started working a different, later shift in attempt to alleviate this but that just created more problems. When I retired at the end of June last year and my daughter Olivia came to stay with us for a few weeks the most enjoyable time we spent together was in scouring the nurseries for flowering plants and herbs, which she helped me to plant in both the front and back garden beds.

One thing I discovered last summer was that I like bulbs and tuberous plants better than any other kind! Shopping taught me how expensive plants have become, so to buy the kind that flower profusely and then can be dug up, stored over winter and then planted again come spring seemed the best option for me. I fell in love with dahlias, calla lilies and caladiums, to name a few. I've grown tuberous begonias in the past and intend to get some of these this summer. From a company called Breck's Bulbs, I've ordered about 50 or so lily bulbs which should be arriving in later spring for me to plant when the chance of frost during the night has passed. I did order daffodils, bluebell and snowdrop bulbs from them last fall and they turned out very well. The bluebell leaves are up but they haven't flowered yet. When they do I'll have to take some photos and post them.

Yesterday I took my five sets of dahlia tubers out of storage (one of them was already spouting stems!) and planted them in pots so they can get a head start growing before I plant them in the garden in a few weeks' time. However, I left the pots outside, forgetting to bring them in last night so I hope they survived! I will be extremely upset if they don't! I think last night's temperature dropped to about 4 degrees Celsius (what's that - about 40 degrees F?) so there was no frost at least.
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Everything is OK!

But I just wanted to post that I won't be around much on DW because I am involved in the B2MEM community (that's short for Back to Middle-Earth Month) which runs the whole month of March. I am doing some tagging work for the community as well as writing, writing, writing! I felt inspired to complete an actual challenge! Yay me!

Therefore I will not be posting anything here until at least the beginning of April (not that I was doing much anyway) but I promise I will participate a lot more once I am back!

I hope everything is going great for everyone. I will try to look at your entries over the next few days when I take some breaks. :)

a meme

Feb. 25th, 2017 10:04 am
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This one is from Tumblr, from Alexa. The idea is to answer every question with a word or name beginning with the first letter of your own first name. It was dead easy to do this with 'J'. I think you are supposed to tag people but I invite everyone on my flist to do this.

name: jenni
a four letter word: jamb (I'm sure I was thinking about jam)
a boy’s name: john
an occupation: juggler
something you can wear: jeans
a food: jicama
something you find in a bathroom: junk (take that any you want, folks)
something you shout: jeepers!
a movie title: Jungle Book, The
something you drink: julep
an animal: jackal
a type of car: Jeep
title of a song: Just The Way You Are

I am also going to post this on Livejournal. I haven't figured out how to cross-post yet.
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I got this from heartofoshun

Two names you go by:

1. Jenni

2. Grandma

Two parts of your heritage:

1. English

2. Dutch

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I've always doubted myself as a writer but because it's something I love to do I just keep carrying on with trying to make myself a better one. It's not that I'm prolific - it takes me forever to choose a subject and think of a story, which is why I love to enter challenges because a prompt, especially a very specific one, provides more ideas than I can come up with by myself. Time doesn't allow me to write too often these days but when it does I try to apply myself to my best ability.

For the last Slashy Santa Swap I entered which was September 2016's Sultry in September, I purposely requested to be challenged and was at first dismayed by the truly difficult assignment I received. Details to follow. I killed myself over this one trying to figure out how all the recipient's requests could be accommodated in one fic. I did research, I sweated over which characters I should use, and eventually came up with something I didn't feel very confident about. I was happy that I actually got it done in time (it was completed at the last minute, with a day to spare) but I didn't believe that it would go down very well.

Would you believe that this story got me the most hits and most kudos that I have ever received on any story I've ever written? Life is funny, isn't it? I am always surprised by what people like and what they thumb their noses at! What it taught me is something that other writers have tried to impress upon me before - write for yourself and don't try to please anyone else. In a way I didn't actually write this story for myself but for someone else with very specific requirements - but it was much different and more sensational than anything I had written in the past and in the end I just went with it in a way that made sense to me - and I think this is the secret. If it makes sense to you then it will to others as well. And sensationalism doesn't hurt.

It's based on The Hobbit. The recipient had requested AU, a different period in history, denial of relationship, groveling for forgiveness, battle scars, angst, hurt/comfort, ugly fighting, anxiety, barebacking, praise kink, size kink, daddy kink, wall sex, group sex and in the end, everyone lives.

I managed to include all of these and some other requests and somehow managed to make it work.

The fic is here on AO3:

Since September I have not written much of anything else but to be honest I have not had the time or the inclination. My muses fled while I was dealing with other issues. But recently my interest has been piqued by the new Taboo challenge at the Silmarillion Writers Guild. The details are here:

I love it! Especially the bottom two lines. I want to write as much as I can for this challenge.

Because I had no ideas I thought I'd check out the Random Silmfic Generator and this is what I got on the first try! I usually have to reject many ideas until I get the one I want. This one, happening on the first attempt which is very unusual, seemed to be just the inspirational gift I needed.

Form/Genre: Dystopia
Theme: The Machine
Quotes: "We owe it to each other to tell stories." - Neil Gaiman, 'Locks'.
Popular Character: Amras (I love this! I just LOVE this! Would never have thought of him myself.)

The other prompts didn't work for the combination above but I love these four amazing prompts.

You can access the Random Silmfic Generator here:

I'm off to do some research and hopefully come up with some good ideas!

Happy writing to all of you!
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I really wanted just to make an update post on my husband. He came home from the hospital a week ago because the bleeding in his brain had stopped and he had no terrible lasting effects from it. The first few days were tense because he kept having TIA's that each lasted about 20 minutes throughout the day. These are periods of right-sided numbness and tingling from his shoulder down to his mid-calf and also affected his hand and fingers. He wanted to sit with me for periods during the day because he was very worried. On Saturday he spent all day in bed in an attempt to prevent them from occurring. It worked for the most part although he had one at 5 a.m. on Sunday. I knew that he wasn't taking his new medication properly but I could not convince him how important it was to do so. We made an appointment to see the family doctor who was more convincing than me (after all, I am his wife so why would he listen to me?) for Tuesday and by then he was much improved. Now that he is taking the medication as directed he finds the TIA's have stopped. The most important thing is for him to keep his blood pressure down and between 100-150 (the systolic or upper number) which will presumably help him avoid bursting his blood vessels in future. And he should try to keep calm and not let too many little things bother him. (This IMO is his main problem.)

Okay, enough about him. I don't want to make this a boring post about medical conditions! At least he is feeling better and we can both breathe more easily now.

During the time I was home alone I took time to clean house and declutter. When my son left home he left behind a great number of clothes that I hate to throw away. I did give a lot to charity and actually sold some at a consignment store as well. Jamie was/is a real clotheshorse and has wasted many precious dollars on his outfits. For instance, who in the world needs 50 white t-shirts? I highly suspect that he wore each shirt only once!

To segue, I once worked with a young girl who would buy a new pair of blue jeans every Friday after work to wear to the bars/discos. She would not wear the jeans again after that, but would donate them to charity. I thought she was crazy, but to each his own I guess.

Anyway, I also found about a dozen shirts of Jamie's that I like, in the Henley style and with a basket-weave texture. I decided to keep these for myself along with a few wife-beaters which I like to wear as vests over top of my turtlenecks.

I also find since I retired and am sitting around a lot more, my neck, waist and feet become very uncomfortably cold. I'm sure this will go away when the warm weather arises but for now I am wearing turtleneck sweaters all the time. I cannot tolerate any tops that are too short, i.e. that fall just at the waist or above. I can only tolerate tops that are long in length to cover my waistline. And I find that thermal socks are great for my feet, or else I wear two pairs of socks - the outer socks are those woolly men's work socks. Thermal insoles are also great for my shoes/boots/slippers. I have two pair that are easy to wash and I alternate them.

When I think of how fashion conscious I used to be I laugh! One of my friends dropped by yesterday evening and I think she was shocked to see me in an orange turtleneck with one of Jamie's black Under Armour wife-beaters over top, black sweatpants, no make-up and my hair pulled into a ponytail. That look is totally not me, or at least it wasn't a year ago. I guess it is the new me now!
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Unfortunately my husband Eddie has suffered another two cerebral hemorrhages and was in hospital for most of last week (Saturday to Thursday). He's really not doing too well at the moment. The hemorrhagic stroke he had in 2014 wasn't as severe as this one. He may also have a brain aneurysm because there is a third area on his last 2 CT scans that show a suspicious area but it's not quite visible enough to see what it is exactly. He needs an MRI now but that can be done as an outpatient.

Anyway, this has set me back again as far as regular posting goes. I hope to be back soon and becoming more involved in the community.
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Oh yes, of course, at the beginning of the hottest period of the summer, we decided to close our swimming pool and have it filled in and the backyard resodded. Not really, we had decided to do it a couple of months ago but it took that long until the guys we hired could start work on our place. Ryan, the man in charge, told us he had done 32 pool closings so far this season!!!

They did a wonderful job. I have put before and after photos below the cut. Fact was that since our kids had grown and moved away we weren't using the pool anymore and we deduced that the cost of keeping it open for nobody to use outweighed the expense of having it filled in ($7,000 paid in cash so we got a bit of a discount). We do have a hot tub and lowered the temperature to 87 degrees F so it's quite comfortable to sit in and cool off. The pool would have been nice and for Sean too but we quite like having a lawn now.

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It's almost time for me to watch my Woodstock DVD again but I can't wait until August 15th so what better time than now? There's only so much time I can waste watching the GOP convention no matter how fascinating it is to see a political machine self destruct.

One of my favourite performers from Woodstock 1969 was Richie Havens. I cannot express how much I love this singer and the way he expresses the words of a song. This isn't from Woodstock but I do love how he interprets Cat Stevens' 'Peace Train'. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Jul. 15th, 2016 07:14 am
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We've started hiking again despite the overly hot weather. But I need to get rid of the fat roll around my middle ASAP and for me this is the best way to do it. These are pics from our local Heydenshore park in Whitby and the trail that runs east into Oshawa. We only did 2 miles for starters and I managed to twist my knee but not too badly.

Photos below the cut:

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I've been gone from here for so long it's ridiculous but let's forget all that for now.

I'M FREE!!!! My retirement from work took place a week ago and true to my word I slept for the first week. Now I'm ready to do all the things I enjoy most, including immersing myself once more into LJ and my fandoms.

It was very busy during June. It wasn't the best time to retire. The stress was almost unbearable.

First was Sean's graduation from his public school. I can't believe that high school is only two months away!

Pictures from his grad and my leaving do are below.

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[Error: unknown template qotd]I don't swear a lot so I tend to use words like 'frigging' or 'shoot' rather than the real thing. Sometimes I do swear though and my favourite word is 'mf'. See, I didn't actually say it!
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Fascinating! I saw this at [ profile] lindahoyland. No wonder! Tom is my favourite character for a reason.

You Are Tom

You are very passionate, and you care deeply about the world. You can't stand to see injustices.
You will stand up for what is right, even if it will get you in trouble. You have to speak up sometimes.

While you have the heart of a fiery revolutionary, you know there there is a time and a place for such behavior.
You try to work within the system sometimes if it's effective. And while you always fight for what's right, your friends and family matter dearly to you too.

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I missed Olivia and the little kids so very much this Christmas. I think that and the weather being so unseasonably warm with no snow has served to take me right out of the Christmas spirit. I also feel bad for not being able to send most of my cards out on time, which means a lot of you will not be receiving them until at least next week. Here are some of the pictures we took this year, with only Jamie, Sean, Eddie and myself (and the two cats) on view. Do they look as lonely as I feel they do? Thanks to some wonderful carol videos posted by the lovely [ profile] heartofoshun I realized that I had taken all my Christmas CDs to work and left them there, so I downloaded two albums from iTunes: Michael Buble's and Boney M's. Boney M's Christmas album is fantastic and was half the price of Buble's. Isn't that the way it usually goes?

So here are a few of the photos we took. Eddie would not let me take his picture and I respected that, so it's just me, Jamie, Sean and the cats for your viewing pleasure.

First up: Sean.

 photo Sean-Xmas2014_zpsae4dd732.jpg

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Ok this is just a test to see if the post goes in. I'm trying to find another way to get on LJ without using my l laptop until I can give Sean his own laptop for his birthday next month because he keeps taking mine. Next I'm going to see if I can read my list and leave comments.
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Thanks to all the problems with LJ lately I am behind on reading all your posts. If you've been able to make any.) I'll be catching up with everyone soon. There are lots of stories and things I want to read. :)

Off to work soon and hope everyone has a good day! :)
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Title: From The Ruins: Chapter Twenty-six: Only Once in a Lifetime
Characters: Chase-lee, Amaranto, Havard, Gastan, Teo, Tall Men
Rating: R

The unconscious tall men lay on the ground under a tree where Havard and the others had dragged them en masse. Havard looked down at them, a frown on his face.

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Have just finished working two double-shift days because we are on skeleton staff at the office and it fell to me to be there since I was the only one not taking any extra time off during the holidays. To add to all the extra work three bad things happened at the same time. Don't these things all happen in threes?

1. Our heating system broke down (at work, not at home). Our digs run in a north-south direction, with two heating units, one controlling the west side, the other the east. The east side was the one that shut down completely, and is also the one we work in! (The washrooms and storerooms are on the other side--it figures--but at least our butts were warm when we had to use the washroom, which was often because of the cold). On Thursday we almost died from frostbite. Kept having to run to the washroom to run our hands under the hot water to thaw them out as well as numerous trips to the coffee shop downstairs to fill ourselves with as many hot beverages as possible. Then the physiotherapist lent us some heating pads to put on our chairs to warm us when we were sitting down. That felt like heaven although my butt almost got burnt when I turned the heating pad up too high. On Friday the repair man came and put in a new 'ignition board' which fixed the problem.

2. Our telephone system broke down. Anyone calling could not leave messages, because the system kept saying the mailbox was full when it wasn't. We could answer only one call at a time (which actually made it easier in some ways). The phone repair guy got it fixed yesterday afternoon (just like the heating guy) but then the calls just started to pour in like mad and drove us crazy.

3. I broke my 'new' (it was actually used but new to me) laptop which we had bought to replace the desktop that I had broken back in the summer (I think--it could have been spring). Never having done music downloads before in my life, I got Jamie to show me how so I could download some tunes to Sean's new iPod for him. I guess there was a virus attached to one of the songs. I don't know much about these things, to tell the truth. My husband is terribly annoyed with me. Can't say I blame him as I really should have known better.

Anyway, on a more pleasant note, it has snowed here! Finally quite a bit of snow of the long-lasting variety, which is rather nice for a change. I'm supposed to be going to see 'The Hobbit' today with my sister and Olivia, but we are also supposed to be in for a snowstorm, so it remains to be seen if the outing will be cancelled or not. We may have to put it off another week or so.

And I've been immersing myself in watching 'Downton Abbey' which I received as a Christmas gift. From myself. The first two seasons. It's quite wonderful. I'm really enjoying it, so if I don't get to see 'The Hobbit' today I'll continue to watch the TV series. And read. I've got many books to get through. Those I received as gifts last year as well as the three I got this year. :)

I may not be able to spend as much time as usual on the comp. I'm currently using the tiny laptop I got for Christmas two years ago for use when traveling. It's fine except I cannot use it for large downloads or graphics. But I can use it for writing (thank goodness) and I have a fair bit of catching up to do there as well, after my exhaustion wears off. :)

Happy New Year to everyone! I've got to pull another double shift on Monday (New Year's Eve) so I probably won't be around very much until everything gets back to normal.


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