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Sunday was a blast, despite the cold wind and rain. I waited a whole year to see the Seattle Sounders in Toronto. Both teams have been overhauled for this season, mostly Toronto, and both teams seemed much different from those of last year. Toronto's has definitely improved. TFC won 2-0. Seattle was much stronger last year, although I think this Sunday's weak performance was down to the travelling time and jet lag...over 3,000 miles from Seattle to Toronto, time zone difference and Sunday's poor weather all being a factor. Toronto was really good...Dwayne DeRosario, Juan DeGuzman, Martin Saric and pretty much all the others did a fantastic job. Stefan Frei the goalkeeper made some great saves, including one hard shot from Fredy Montero. I was disappointed that Fredy did not start. He came on at 20 minutes but it was not enough time to bring Seattle back into the game. They seemed listless. Freddie Ljungberg was really good though...quite a showman...the Toronto Ultras hated him (LOL) but he was a lot of fun to watch. He's very tricky. Anyway, below the cut are my photos and some good professional pics from the match.

Some of my impressions:

The hottest bodies on the pitch belonged to Fredy Montero, Dwayne DeRosario and Martin Saric.
The best, most active and skilled players were (for Toronto) Dwayne DeRosario, Juan DeGuzman, O'Brian White and Martin Saric. (For Seattle) Freddie Ljungberg and Fredy Montero. I was surprised by how little Freddie Ljungberg is...he's tiny, but still very quick. I watched the Seattle boys warming up before the game and was struck by how amiable Fredy Montero is. He was the one doing most of the laughing and joking with the other players...he was always smiling and was very animated. And he is in awesome shape...his body made my jaw drop...he is that fit!

We were seated in a new section of stands, situated above the seating area with the patio tables at the north end right behind the goal. The seats were fantastic, with an awesome view. You can sort of see it in my photos, even though it was raining and therefore the pics are not as good as they could have been.

Here's a teaser (one of the professional photos):

Juan DeGuzman and Freddie Ljunberg after the game was over:


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At times I guess everyone thinks about life and whether or not they're happy with the way things are. A long time ago when I was part of the rat race, commuting to work at a high-pressure job with a stockbroker where time and money were the essence of everything, I realized after a few years that I wasn't happy. When I thought about why this might be without being in denial or trying to bullshit myself, I realized that it was because I hated certain things about the lifestyle. I hated rushing, always rushing from one thing to another, feeling frazzled. I hated being tied to a, being a slave to a phone. Not feeling free. Not feeling like I was the boss of me. And I guess the big lie that we all tell ourselves is that MONEY will make the difference. You know..."once I get enough MONEY things will be better!" Well, truly they will NOT get better when you come into money if other, more fundamental things are wrong in your life. True dat.

Anyway, I am currently reading this book called "On Mexican Time" by Tony Cohan. It is about a writer living in California with his wife who is an artist. She paints and she is an artisan too, who is very much interested in folk art, regional crafts, that sort of thing. One year they took a trip to Mexico, to a place called San Miguel de Allende. They fell in love with it, made the decision to uproot and move there, sold their California house and went to Mexico! Life was now exactly the way they wanted it.

A couple of paragraphs from the book made a huge impression on me. I'd like to share them. They are below the cut. They are not long at all.

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I decided to post a list of all my favourite teams in the leagues I watch on TV. Just to have it and update it from time to time. I'll put it under a cut.

But first, the leagues I watch the most are the Premiership and La Liga.

Most of my favourites are probably going to stay the same, but some fluctuate from time to time. Sometimes I can fall OUT of love with a team or a player.

Favourite Premiership teams:

1) Favourite London team: Tottenham Hotspur: Favourite player: Luka Modric
2) Favourite Northern team: Liverpool: Favourite player: Steven Gerrard
3) Guilty secret: Manchester United: No favourite players. I just like watching them.CHICHARITO!!!!! (Javier Hernandez)
4) Favourite Hopeless team: Wigan Athletic: Favourite player(s): Hugo Rodallega, Marcelo Moreno

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My life was going along great, then the inevitable happened as it always does. Everything has suddenly turned into something out of a horror film.

1) My whole family, including myself, catches the plague from hell. Something akin to Ebola, except that you survive this one.
2) My daughter becomes pregnant (alright in itself) but announces just yesterday that she and her husband-to-be are moving away.
3) Yesterday I was involved in a car crash with my 7-year-old. We were hit by another car. We are both OK but I have a bump on the side of my head and a bit of memory loss, but otherwise I'm fine, and Sean was not hurt at all. My car's front end is all smashed up.

Enough, okay???

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So sorry to my flist for my absence lately. This was due to a horrendous stomach and intestinal virus that permeated my whole family. It started Monday afternoon with Sean, the little guy, who was sent home from school early because he had thrown up around lunch-time. When I got home from work he had just begun an epic vomiting session that lasted about 12 hours total, I guess. I stayed up all night long to tend to him, hold his head over the basin, wash him, do the laundry. Then the diarrhea started...uncontrollable diarrhea. I'm talking in your clothing, while you sleep, etc., etc.

Let me spare you any more horrible details.

On Tuesday morning around 8:00 it started for me. But with diarrhea, and at first controllable, as in I could make it to the toilet in time. Then the vomiting started in the afternoon, followed by the uncontrollable diarrhea. It hit my husband on Tuesday afternoon, and my son Jamie on Wednesday night. We are all like dishrags. Sean was lying on the floor on his stomach for hours on Tuesday and said, "I'm never going to feel good again." My husband has lost 9 lbs. I know I've lost weight, but I don't know how much because I never weigh myself. We can't eat. There's nothing left in the house to drink except water and tea and nobody is strong enough yet to go grocery shopping. The roofing guys are coming today to put a new roof on the house and my husband has to get to the bank somehow to take out cash to pay the guy because he knocked a lot of money off the bill if he could be paid cash with no paperwork...receipts, etc.

I have just about enough strength to crawl to the computer and post this. I know I need to do some things I am behind on. My apologies, and I will get to it as soon as I am a bit stronger.

I seriously would not wish this thing on my worst enemy. :(
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This weekend has been weird. First, I came home from work early on Friday because I was feeling ill. It seems I have a virus like a cold, except I feel nauseated too. And I have to sleep a lot.

On Friday night I watched a movie on DVD: '30 Days of Night'. Josh Hartnett is in it, as well as Manu Bennett who plays Crixus on 'Spartacus: Blood and Sand'. XDDD It was a really good vampire horror film set in Alaska.

On Saturday morning when I woke up, I watched another movie: "The Vampire's Assistant". It stars John C. Reilly and Ray Stevenson from 'Rome'. It's a great movie...scary and really funny at the same time, with a wickedly gross spider who terrorizes everyone in the film. In fact, the spider (named 'Octa') is so good, she should get her own name in the credits! Hahahahaha..she's coloured red & blue just like Spiderman. Brilliant!

At 7:45 am Saturday was the match of the weekend for me: Chelsea vs Manchester City. Would Wayne Bridge shake John Terry's hand? The suspense! The drama! Of course, he didn't. And both teams hit each other hard, Chelsea doing it more than City, and going down to 9 men in the process. Carlos Tevez produced his usual heroics, winning it for City. What an entertaining game!

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Some of you know this already, but I am sorry to announce that my mother passed away just before Christmas. It is a hell of a time of year to go...I wouldn't wish it on anyone to have to deal with everything in the way of funeral preparations as well as trying to keep a stiff upper lip for the kids, etc. at the same time, because it's Christmas. I've tried to keep myself in a good frame of mind by staying active on LJ and doing a lot of posts and stuff. But at the same time I have had a lot of other things to do and I am at the point where I think I have exhausted myself. Because we have had to delay things for a month now, my mom's memorial service is being held tomorrow. Everything is ready and after tomorrow, I think I can start to put my life back to normal again.

So because I will be gone for the whole day tomorrow I will probably not be online until Sunday at least. After that I will try my best to catch up on all your posts that I have missed. My commenting, etc., has been rather sporadic over the past few weeks and for that I apologize. I have read some great and interesting posts that I dearly wanted to comment on but was just too exhausted to come up with anything coherent so I left it. I'll try to make up when I come back.


See you soon!♥


Dec. 6th, 2009 09:02 am
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Got a call from my sister. I have to go and pick her up in about half an hour. Then both of us are going to the nursing home to visit our mother and take some stuff there for her. This means I will be out all day. Everything I need to catch up on will have to be done later. Of course tonight there are two great games on TV: Velez Sarsfield vs River Plate from Argentina, and Nacional vs Penarol of Uruguay. Damn! It will be difficult (no, impossible) not to watch! I guess it will be very late before I can get back to everything online!

See you all later!♥
I'm just checking in to let everyone on my flist know that I'm sick, having caught something at work, I suppose. I've got pink eye in both eyes, making it impossible to do much close detail work, so I can't do any picspams until my eyes stop watering, itching and hurting like a bugger. I've got some antibiotic cream to spread beneath my eyelids, and it has been somewhat soothing.

I'm also down with severe headache, diarrhea, mild nausea and mild sore throat. I'm trying to go natural, loading myself with vitamins and minerals. But I feel lethargic and weak. I hope this doesn't last too long because I have loads to do in every facet of my life! :(

Anyway, if I'm not around it's because I am in a vegetative state and probably passed out on the sofa in front of the TV. Lots of stuff to catch up on later, you guys.

A germ-free *mwah* to you all.♥
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I want to start !

Let's see...what did I do yesterday? Well, I watched these games:

1) Bayer Leverkusen vs Nurnberg in the Bundesliga.
2) Hull City vs Wigan in the EPL.
3) Atletico Madrid vs Zaragoza in La Liga.
4) Deportivo Cali vs Atletico Nacional in Colombia.

This was unusual in that there were 4 different games in 4 different leagues around the world.

In between I helped my husband close the swimming pool for the winter. This job is always a sad one. We just got it finished when it started to rain. It's the rainy season for us now, before it starts to get really cold. So a great time to spend indoors watching footie and getting fat. LOL.

My quick thoughts on the games:

1) You can see Bayer Leverkusen is really flying. They are top of the Bundesliga and I noticed how BRIGHT RED their kit looks! Opposed to Bayern Munich's. Bayern is struggling atm and their red kit looks dull. It might just be my crazy imagination but I noticed this oddity yesterday.

2) Hull City vs Wigan. I hate Hull. My feeling is that they should have gone down instead of Newcastle. But they were LUCKY. Anyway, I like Wigan but they do tend to have one good game (like last week when they beat Chelsea) and then one BAD one! (Yesterday's.) Why was Hugo Rodallega playing so far back? And where was Jordi Gomez? Why was he put in when it was too late for him to do anything?

3) Atleti vs Zara. Okay, I LOVE both these teams so it's hard to watch one beat the other. However, Atleti needed to win, it was their home game, and Zaragoza played like shit, despite having played great last weekend. So another team that lacks consistency. One observation: Abel Aguilar, the playmaker, had a bad game. Apparently when he plays well, Zaragoza does great. When he is off, so are they. The addition of Angel Lafita who returned after his loan spell at Depor, should help this situation. Second observation: Roberto Ayala has STILL GOT IT. Also, the referees in La Liga give out WAY too many cards compared to the other leagues! Ridiculous!

4) Deportivo Cali vs Atletico Nacional. This game was a CLASSIC! I could go on and on but I'll try to be brief! First, Nacional's GK Gaston Pezutti of Argentina, was fantastic. He made 5 GREAT saves in the first half alone, to save Nacional's ass. The game was like a novel unfolding as you watched it. It had EVERYTHING! Hand balls, red cards, rain pouring down, soaking wet players, lots of drama, hotness, what can I say? Just a thing of beauty! Nacional ended up winning 2 - 1 despite being down to 10 men.
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Despite the fact that I have a backlog of picspams to do, the games today are wonderful! GOLTV just showed the Celtic vs Al-Ahly game from the Peace Cup and now they have the Spurs vs Barca game! Then they are showing Lyon vs Besiktas and Malaga vs Aston Villa before the Colombian league games start. However, instead of showing these on TV they are having live streams. Which is okay, I don't mind. Atletico Huila vs Santa Fe is at 7:15 PM followed by Deportivo Cali (MY team!) vs Pereira at 9:15. I got my copy of the movie 'Coraline' from yesterday but I haven't had time to watch it! I will have to try to fit it in! My husband asked me if I wanted to go shopping and I said "No way, Jose! Not today!" LOL.

In other news, I was supposed to be in Boston this weekend for the Milan exhibition derby, having bought tickets and reserved a hotel room. However, at the time I bought the tickets I did not know that Toronto would be getting both River Plate and Real Madrid for exhibition friendlies! Also, Olivia and I were going to go together but she ended up going back to Vancouver and is unable to get back here at this time. That would have been okay because Jamie would have gone with me, but my husband convinced me that enough was enough and to cancel my hotel reservation in Boston and try to sell my tickets on ebay. I ordered tickets to both Toronto games and they were quite expensive. The River Plate tickets were $110.00 each. The Real Madrid ones were $150.00 each! The AC Milan-Inter Milan tickets were $125.00 each! The hotel - the Royal Sonesta - would have cost $250.00 per night for two people and I would have had to get it for two nights. The game tickets included the training session today so we would have had to be in Boston last night. And then the airfare would have been another big whack of money.

My experience with ebay has never been good. I did manage to sell the tickets to the highest bidder, a guy from the Boston area, for $102.50 US (which is about $120.00 Canadian). So I lost $130.00 on the deal. I am a bit bummed because I can't go now (and see Jose Mourinho) but also, I never thought to check with my flist and see if anyone lives near Boston. I would rather have given them away for nothing to someone I 'know' than to sell them for a $130.00 loss. And yet I guess it's better than nothing. :(

Some good news - Toronto is offering tickets to the Real Madrid training session on Thursday night, August 6, for $10.00!!! It will be a bit of a hike into the city for that, but WTF. I might just do it! Also, Jamie will be going with me to the Madrid game so I can do anything I want and act as crazy as possible! LOL.

Okay, on to my next picspam!
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This post is rushed, sorry! I have to go to work. Last night I got home late after the game and uploaded all my pics from the game and before. I'll do a proper post when I get home tonight.

But here are some pics from the game that were posted online at the sports sites last night, plus a few of mine!

NO big name players for River! Except Matias Abelairas played all game, Rodrigo Archubi, Mauro Diaz and Lucas Orban played most of it. Augusto Fernandez was subbed on at 64 minutes. We got to see Erik Lamela too. He was subbed on near the end. Standouts were Leandro Chichizola in goal. He made some amazing stops, making the crowd "Ooohhh" and "Ahhhh". Matias Abelairas was really good, but the surprise for me was just how skilled Rodrigo Archubi is. He really wowed the fans with some spectacular plays and moves. He ran the most and covered the most ground as well. He has a patented back-heel pass that he used at least a dozen times and thrilled the crowd with. Everyone thought he was amazing.

The game wasn't so hot. It ended in a scoreless draw (I HATE that!) but since this was a cup tournament, it went to penalty kicks. Toronto FC was horrible at penalties (I thought as much) so River won 4-2. Leandro Chichizola stopped a pen! He was amazing! And Augusto Fernandez' hit the crossbar! *facepalm* I think he *facepalmed* too!

Okay, then, here is a teaser:


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I just ordered my tickets for the Toronto FC vs River Plate game on July 22nd! I'm so excited I can hardly type! Barring any problems (like my credit card won't be accepted or something - shouldn't happen but you never know) I should be receiving my tickets early next week! I asked for them to be Fed-ex'd to me so I'd have them in my hot, sticky little hands ASAP!!!!

Oh my GOD. I'll be seeing the likes of Falcao, Buonanotte, Gustavo Cabral and my favourite, Augusto Fernandez....IN PERSON!!!! Maybe even getting their autographs!!!! Oh god, I think I am going to faint!!!

(Actually, with my luck, none of those four will be here for the game!)
Mustn't be negative....mustn't be negative....LOL
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Countdown: 5 days til Amsterdam!

Okay, this past week has been hectic and now I am in panic mode.
I've just about sorted which clothes I'm bringing. LOL. After last time when I took too many, I wanted to pare it down, but I think I still have too many! says to pack 2 pairs of pants and 4 tops. Are you kidding? I need at least twice that many clothes at least!!! We have gone out and bought bigger suitcases.

Got the manicure and pedicure. Have ruined two nails already. Bought French manicure touch-up kit yesterday.
Two days left to go at tanning salon. Am looking much more bronzed. Good. Was hideously pasty white only weeks ago. LOL.
Olivia and I have been walking for an hour almost every night for the past four weeks to get conditioned. I now have lovely toned quads and have lost a lot of the "muffin top" around my waist.
We are going to get our hair done this afternoon. Olivia wants a hot oil treatment, and I need a trim.

Okay, our first two flight arrivals information is as follows:

1) Toronto to Amsterdam

Via KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Flight #KL696
Departs 2210 hrs. Thursday April 23/09
Arrives 1125 on Friday, April 24/09

2) Amsterdam to Munich

Via KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Flight #KL1793
Departs 0935 on Sunday, April 26/09
Arrives 1100 same day!

The hotel info has changed. The travel agent couldn't get some of the hotels I wanted, so we will be staying as follows:

In Amsterdam:

NH Schipol
Kruisweg 495
NL 2132 NA Hoofddorp
No telephone number was given!

In Munich:

InterCity Hotel, Muenchen
Bayerstrasse 10
Telephone #49-894-44440

On the 28th we will be leaving for Augsberg and have booked into the InterCity Hotel there.
Address: Halderstrasse 29
Telephone #49-821-50390

[ profile] lhuneldaiel, I need to know how to contact you once we are there. Also, for
[ profile] drbillbongo, I need ditto from you! Can you both please contact me via my other and preferable e-mail addy,, with your suggestions? I'll be sure to get it that way! Bill, you could call me at the hotel(s) if you like, because they have provided both numbers! And if you think it would be better for us to stay in Munich rather than come into Augsburg, then please let me know because I can cancel the Augsburg reservation with at least 24 hours' notice! I do want to visit the Allianz Arena at some point!

Okay, I'm getting excited again! See you soon!!! *squeeees*
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OMFG I am so excited! Not only am I going to be leaving for Europe on April 23rd (LESS than 2 weeks now! *squeee*) for a month's vacation, but I have bought two tickets for the World Football Challenge game between AC Milan and Inter Milan on July 26th in the USA, after a brief convo through LJ with [ profile] lady_croft.



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You're a LiveJournal Junkie!
Well, maybe you don't live or die for LiveJournal, but it's what gets you up in the morning.

Guilty of reloading your friends page over and over throughout the day? Thought so.

Quick, get some fresh air - before you become a full fledged addict!
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Just an update from my last post! The boys are home OK. Thank god. The new car is nice but since there was such a major snowstorm today, there was no use trying to take pictures of it yet.
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This is turning out to be the most nightmarish weekend/week I've had in a long, long time! Olivia's flight was supposed to leave Vancouver at 4:30 PM yesterday (Pacific Time) and be in Toronto just before midnight (EST). Ed and I planned to leave here around 11 PM to go and pick her up. But they had had some heavy snow in Vancouver (unusual for them), which caused a delay. And our snow here didn't help the situation either. We had more yesterday morning, but it stopped by noon and we haven't had any more since then. Aren't expecting any either.

But both storms (there and here) screwed up all the flights to and from the west coast. And when I booked Olivia's flight back in October, most Vancouver-Toronto flights for this time of year were already full. So I can imagine the number of people that have been affected by this.


EDIT: Well, Olivia just called and it seems the flight got cancelled altogether. She has booked a new one, which leaves Vancouver at midnight tomorrow and should arrive in Toronto at 6:00 AM on the 24th! Let's just hope that after all this bullshit she arrives safely!
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Oh My God. I am FINALLY on vacation until December 29th when I have to return to work. This is awesome. I will be able to catch up on everything I've been missing the past week or so. Because it's the holiday season, I've been busy with all the Christmasy things I have to, parties, cooking, cleaning, visiting....etc., etc., etc. And then yesterday we got the first part of a three-part major storm. It was scheduled to start around 9 am. My husband said, "Don't go to work! If you do, you'll never get home!" However, I went in anyway because we were having a staff party and exchanging gifts. Everyone was bringing some food that they'd made, so there was no way I was missing that. "I want to go," I told him. "Don't worry, if it looks bad, I'll leave early."



Dec. 13th, 2008 09:22 pm
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Sorry to all my flisters for being absent the last couple of days and for being sporadic before that! Just thought I'd let you know that I've been sick. Nothing bad...just a stupid, persistent virus! Fact is, I've been too sick, weak and tired to get online or deal with anything other than lying around like a total vegetable. But at least I've been catching up with watching all the DVDs I ordered, and getting to see a lot of football!

I'm pissed off at being sick and unable to do anything, though. And after watching the 'El Clasico' match today, I feel sick again! I'm sorry if anyone likes Barcelona, but personally I find them the most nauseating team on the planet! Even more than LA Galaxy! And that's saying a lot! Hey, thank god Becks will be at AC Milan now, eh? That's more his style!!! He never should have listened to his wife and let her tell him to go to LA!!! I'll bet they were unpleasantly surprised by it and couldn't wait to get out of there!

Anyway, I am back and I'm looking forward to catching up on all your entries!

*Hugs & Kisses* from Jenni


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