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Hello to everyone. I hope you are all enjoying your summer so far. I haven't been around too much lately. I have been reading but not writing, working but not resting much, and just plain dealing with a lot of stuff. I find the end of June/beginning of July is a very busy time of year.

The good: Football: Spain won the Euro, although Germany lost in the semi-final. River Plate in Argentina has made it back from the'B' league to the 'A' this season. America de Cali won their first year in the 'B' but have to put in another year and win the league again in order to get back to the 'A'. And Atletico Madrid won the Europa League.

Personal: I finally talked to Olivia via Skype since she left for the West over two months ago. Skype is totally awesome. She was able to show me her apartment, and I got to talk to Joseph and see him as well. He will be 2 years old this month. And as for Sean, well, he had the best report card of his life! All great marks and the added delight of finding out that he is somewhat of a math whiz! Hooray!

The bad: My sister had a hip replacement operation that she needed, but during the process the surgeon managed to fracture the femur in her leg, thus causing major problems during the surgery. The poor thing has had a bad time of it, but is now on the way to recovery. The surgery was June 16th and she's only just now feeling a bit better. The hip replacement itself was successful, but having to deal with the added recovery from the leg fracture has added to her recuperation time. However, as a school teacher, she has the summer off in which to heal properly.

And I had a little bit of time in which to complete a meme I've been dying to do ever since I saw it on [ profile] bonorattle's LJ.

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There's always good and bad. Amusement, frustration, uncompromising love and extreme exhaustion all play their parts.

Sean complained recently that he feels too confined in his special education class. He wants more freedom. Instead of being cooped up in the small fenced-in yard the special needs kids play in, he wants to play in the 'big' yard with the regular kids at recess and before and after school. He wants to make friends with kids he can talk to, who will respond, talk to him in return, run and play and do all those 'kid' things. He'd like to be fully integrated with the regular students his own age.

So I feel that THAT is his motivation, since I have been puzzling for awhile over just how I was going to explain to him just what it is that makes him 'different' and how to work on overcoming it.

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I thought I'd post some pics I had of Joseph and Sean. My camera needed new batteries and it took me more than a month to get around to buying some, so these photos are rather old. *sigh*

This is Joseph. We have this railing that goes around part of the upstairs in our house, and it's open down to the main floor below. Joseph loves to throw stuff between the rails and then let you know that 'something happened'.

Here, he is pointing to what he threw downstairs while wearing an innocent expression as if to say, "Uh-oh. I don't know what happened, but that Playmobil figure ended up on the floor downstairs somehow."

Smaller Joseph

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Mar. 12th, 2012 10:10 am
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I was going into Sean's room today to clean when I noticed something odd.

This week is called 'March Break'. It's a time for school teachers to take a much-needed holiday, and most of them (as well as a lot of families) go to southern climates for a bit of sunshine, since the weather here is traditionally still cold and yucky. The most popular sunny vacation spots for Ontarians are: Florida, The Bahamas and Cuba. My boss went away as well, so I am at home until this Friday, when it'll be time to return to work. Sean is staying over a couple of nights with some cousins so he can play with kids his own age, plus give us some respite.

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