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Had a nice visit with my sister yesterday, who is going for hip replacement surgery on June 12th. Her birthday is June 18th, so we wanted to meet beforehand to have lunch and do a bit of shopping, because she doesn't know how long her recovery time will be and it would probably be at least a month before she's back on her feet again. She liked the presents I got her: a House of Martell T-shirt from HBO's Game of Thrones shop and a gift card. While we were shopping, we found some Game of Thrones goodies in the Chapters/Indigo bookstore. They had some coffee mugs, t-shirts, mouse pads, keychains and other 'jewelry', as well as the illustrated (as in comic strip) version of the first book in the series (I want!) and some journals with different covers. The one we liked best had the Oath of the Night Watch printed on the cover. (Want this also!)

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This week most of the excitement in football has been centred around the Euro 2012 competition starting on June 8th. But at the same time, there is the intense battle going on for World Cup spaces (potentially 6) among South American teams. The battle will be long and hard, and very compelling. This weekend the matches are very interesting.

First, a little background. The 2014 World Cup will be in Brazil. Being the host country, Brazil does not need to compete for qualification. That leaves 9 teams who do. With an uneven number of teams competing, one team will get a 'bye' in each round of the qualifiers. This weekend, which is Matchday 5, that team is Paraguay. These are the matches that will be taking place:

Saturday, June 2nd:
Uruguay vs Venezuela
Bolivia vs Chile
Argentina vs Ecuador

Sunday, June 3
Peru vs Colombia

Why will it be so compelling this Matchday 5? Well, here are the standings:

1. Uruguay - 7 pts - +6 goal diff.
2. Argentina - 7 pts - + 3 goal diff.
3. Venezuela - 7 pts - 0 goal diff.
4. Ecuador - 6 pts - + 3 goal diff.
5. Chile - 6 pts - -3 goal diff.
6. Colombia - 4 pts - 0 goal diff.
7. Paraguay - 4 pts - -3 goal diff.
8. Peru - 3 pts - -2 goal diff.
9. Bolivia - 1 pt. - -4 goal diff.

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Who do you think are the scariest referees so far? For me it's Howard Webb (England), Wolfgang Stark (Germany) and Roberto Rossetti (Italy). I think it's because they dish out a lot of cards, are extremely impartial and thus impossible to predict. I think that's what scares me the most. Sometimes these referees seem "bigger" than the game itself.
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The USA has proved more than anything that they are a fighter, battling back from 2 - 0 down to tie the score.


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Another shocking result. Klose was sent off, Poldi's penalty was stopped and Serbia won 1 - 0.


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Shocking results again today. For England it was more about what they didn't do, compared to Algeria, who had a decent game considering the 0 - 0 tie. England has only scored ONE GOAL so far in the WC.





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