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My NEW Favourite Teams

I always like to feel good. I hate that feeling of being down when it comes to my teams' losses. I always like to have a lot of teams around me. I don't know - my feeling has always been that if I had only ONE team and they lost and made me feel bad, then I would have no other teams I could watch that might be able to cheer me up. Therefore I have always watched a lot of matches from a lot of different leagues with a view to finding teams that interest me and are fun to watch and get involved with.

And this year, at season's end for most leagues, I've decided that I am no longer going to cheer for the biggest teams. In the beginning I think I, like most people, got sucked in to thinking I had to get behind teams like Real Madrid or Manchester United because they were the ones I could see the most on TV. Or Barcelona. Or Liverpool, or Chelsea. AC Milan. Etc., etc. But once I got Pay TV and discovered streaming, there was no excuse NOT to follow other, 'lesser' teams. And once I got started doing that, what did I discover? That these teams are much more fun to follow. Their players are not the big headed 'superstars' that the BIG teams seem to swallow up like so many jelly beans until some of the disappear into what seem like black holes, never to be seen again.

It seems that these superstars are usually too 'professional' for me to like them very much. It's like they are playing only for the money and the stardom, to see how many goals they can rack up in a season, as if that is the only reason they are playing, certainly not for the team that hired them. They tend to change teams a lot as well, maybe because it's a way of staving off boredom. I don't know. To each his own, I guess. I am not knocking these teams or players, but just writing about what's interesting for me and what isn't.

So, okay. The teams I REALLY, really like based on what I've seen during the past season, are:

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EDIT: I forgot to mention CONCACAF! I love the Mexico NT with all my heart, and I like Costa Rica. I also like the Venezuela NT. Forgot to mention them as well. ;)
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The group stage is OVER! The knockout stage (Round of 16) will begin next week.

But over the past few weeks I've been saving the cutest/hottest/funniest pics I found from the Copa Lib.

Here they are:

This is Pele with the Copa Libertadores trophy:


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More from the Copa Libertadores, proving that this competition is far more exciting than the Champions League in Europe. :)

Link to Wiki and Conmebol sites on the Copa Lib 2012:

A couple of Atletico Nacional players train before their clash with Universidad de Chile:


And another 'Nacional', this one from Uruguay, shows their support for a fellow Uruguayan playing in England. :P


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Here is a little picspam of selected pics from the Copa Libertadores games this past week. This tournament is in the group stages, so it's still early on for them.

The 'team of the week' is Once Caldas of Colombia who defeated favourites Sao Paulo of Brazil.

Results from SOME of the games:

Monterrey (Mexico) 2 - 1 Nacional (Paraguay)
Once Caldas 2 - 1 Sao Paulo
Blooming (Bolivia) 1 - 4 Lanus (Argentina)
Corinthians (Brazil) 2 - 1 Racing (Uruguay)
Universitario (Peru) 0 - 0 Libertad (Paraguay)
Internacionale Porto Alegre (Brazil) 2 - 1 Emelec (Ecuador)
Morelia (Mexico) 2 - 1 Nacional Montevideo (Uruguay)
Deportivo Italia (Venezuela) 0 - 1 Velez Sarsfield (Argentina)
Juan Aurich (Peru) 2 - 0 Bolivar (Bolivia)
Cruzeiro (Brazil) 4 - 1 Colo Colo (Chile)
Flamengo (Brazil) 2 - 0 U. de Catolica (Chile)

Once Caldas actually had its league game suspended last week because of an explosion at a local hospital in Ibague where the game was to be played. Authorities thought that since ambulance and medical staff rushed en masse to the hospital, then the fans and players at the stadium would have been left without any medical help if it had been necessary. Anyway, if anyone is interested, there is an article in the link below:

And a teaser pic from the Lanus game:


And lastly, here is a link to an interesting discussion on why the Copa Libertadores might be more interesting than the Champions League. From the Bleacher Report, printed in BBC Sport originally.
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Monterrey won the Interliga tournament, and Estudiantes Tecos came second, to take the last two of five Mexican spots in the 2010 Copa Libertadores.

Below the cut is a link to an article on the tournament, the teams to play in the Copa Lib, and a picspam from the final games.

A teaser pic:

Rubens Sambueza of Tecos ensures their place in the Copa Libertadores.

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I thought I'd post a picspam from the Interliga games so far. This tournament is taking place in the Southern USA, but it determines which two Mexican teams will take the two final Mexican berths in the 2010 Copa Libertadores. I have been fortunate in being able to watch the games on HDTV here. The picture quality is superb, such a nice change from the horrible feeds GOLTV gives us of the La Liga games (although I'm not complaining...I feel lucky to get them at all). Anyway, there are two groups of four teams each, and the group winners will go to the Copa Lib. So far America is leading Group A and Puebla Group B.

Here are pics of the games.

A teaser:

Memo Ochoa warming up on January 5th. XD



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