May. 23rd, 2012 10:41 am
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Because the MLS does not have a relegation/promotion system, I'm not too concerned with results & standings, except in the Cup tournaments or the CONCACAF CL qualifiers. So because of that, and the fact I'm too embarrassed to post the standings when my home team TFC is at the bottom with 0 points, I'm only going to post some pics of the teams I care about.

These teams are:
Toronto FC
Vancouver Whitecaps
Seattle Sounders
Chicago Fire

Fredy doesn't like it when the other team's players pick on him ALL the time.


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The tickets were very expensive ($81 each) but oh, so worth it. We were seated 3 rows back from the pitch, or rather from where the pitch-side tables are, where you can sit, be waited on, your food and drinks brought to you by waiters & waitresses, but which cost over $100 each. However, only that could have been better than the seats we had. It's more exciting to be very close to the action. The photos I took were without using my zoom lens. It had rained all day and I was so afraid it would be at game time, but fortunately the weather cleared and it stayed dry for the match. After it got dark, though, it was bloody cold! The thermometer measured 10 degrees Celsius. I was wishing I had worn my scarf and brought gloves by the time the game was over.

But never mind. Toronto won, and I got to see Torsten Frings up close. He's a very impressive player, even now.

Here are some professional photos, and then some of mine. :)


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Monterrey CF has won the CONCACAF Champions League and is 'El Rey de Norte', beating Santos Laguna over two legs. (CONCACAF basically stands for the Federation of North and Central America and Carribean football clubs.)

So Monterrey will go to the Club World Cup in Japan this January, to play against the winners of the Copa Libertadores (South America) and the European Champions League (either Chelsea FC or Bayern Munich).

Some photos of the Monterrey team:


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LOL - As if you aren't sick of us already. But the OTHER amazing Canadian result so far is in the CONCACAF Champions League, our own North and Central American (and Caribbean Nations) version of the European Champions League.

The first leg of the semi-finals has taken place this week. The second leg will take place on April 5th.

Results from March 28th:

Toronto FC 1-1 Santos Laguna (A really good result because TFC did not let Santos dominate.)

Monterrey 3-0 Pumas UNAM

The AMAZING thing is that Toronto is the ONLY non-Mexican team in the semi-finals, from ALL the teams in the MLS! All three of the other remaining teams are Mexican!

From TFC vs Santos:


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