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I decided to post a list of all my favourite teams in the leagues I watch on TV. Just to have it and update it from time to time. I'll put it under a cut.

But first, the leagues I watch the most are the Premiership and La Liga.

Most of my favourites are probably going to stay the same, but some fluctuate from time to time. Sometimes I can fall OUT of love with a team or a player.

Favourite Premiership teams:

1) Favourite London team: Tottenham Hotspur: Favourite player: Luka Modric
2) Favourite Northern team: Liverpool: Favourite player: Steven Gerrard
3) Guilty secret: Manchester United: No favourite players. I just like watching them.CHICHARITO!!!!! (Javier Hernandez)
4) Favourite Hopeless team: Wigan Athletic: Favourite player(s): Hugo Rodallega, Marcelo Moreno

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This weekend has been weird. First, I came home from work early on Friday because I was feeling ill. It seems I have a virus like a cold, except I feel nauseated too. And I have to sleep a lot.

On Friday night I watched a movie on DVD: '30 Days of Night'. Josh Hartnett is in it, as well as Manu Bennett who plays Crixus on 'Spartacus: Blood and Sand'. XDDD It was a really good vampire horror film set in Alaska.

On Saturday morning when I woke up, I watched another movie: "The Vampire's Assistant". It stars John C. Reilly and Ray Stevenson from 'Rome'. It's a great movie...scary and really funny at the same time, with a wickedly gross spider who terrorizes everyone in the film. In fact, the spider (named 'Octa') is so good, she should get her own name in the credits! Hahahahaha..she's coloured red & blue just like Spiderman. Brilliant!

At 7:45 am Saturday was the match of the weekend for me: Chelsea vs Manchester City. Would Wayne Bridge shake John Terry's hand? The suspense! The drama! Of course, he didn't. And both teams hit each other hard, Chelsea doing it more than City, and going down to 9 men in the process. Carlos Tevez produced his usual heroics, winning it for City. What an entertaining game!

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I want to start !

Let's see...what did I do yesterday? Well, I watched these games:

1) Bayer Leverkusen vs Nurnberg in the Bundesliga.
2) Hull City vs Wigan in the EPL.
3) Atletico Madrid vs Zaragoza in La Liga.
4) Deportivo Cali vs Atletico Nacional in Colombia.

This was unusual in that there were 4 different games in 4 different leagues around the world.

In between I helped my husband close the swimming pool for the winter. This job is always a sad one. We just got it finished when it started to rain. It's the rainy season for us now, before it starts to get really cold. So a great time to spend indoors watching footie and getting fat. LOL.

My quick thoughts on the games:

1) You can see Bayer Leverkusen is really flying. They are top of the Bundesliga and I noticed how BRIGHT RED their kit looks! Opposed to Bayern Munich's. Bayern is struggling atm and their red kit looks dull. It might just be my crazy imagination but I noticed this oddity yesterday.

2) Hull City vs Wigan. I hate Hull. My feeling is that they should have gone down instead of Newcastle. But they were LUCKY. Anyway, I like Wigan but they do tend to have one good game (like last week when they beat Chelsea) and then one BAD one! (Yesterday's.) Why was Hugo Rodallega playing so far back? And where was Jordi Gomez? Why was he put in when it was too late for him to do anything?

3) Atleti vs Zara. Okay, I LOVE both these teams so it's hard to watch one beat the other. However, Atleti needed to win, it was their home game, and Zaragoza played like shit, despite having played great last weekend. So another team that lacks consistency. One observation: Abel Aguilar, the playmaker, had a bad game. Apparently when he plays well, Zaragoza does great. When he is off, so are they. The addition of Angel Lafita who returned after his loan spell at Depor, should help this situation. Second observation: Roberto Ayala has STILL GOT IT. Also, the referees in La Liga give out WAY too many cards compared to the other leagues! Ridiculous!

4) Deportivo Cali vs Atletico Nacional. This game was a CLASSIC! I could go on and on but I'll try to be brief! First, Nacional's GK Gaston Pezutti of Argentina, was fantastic. He made 5 GREAT saves in the first half alone, to save Nacional's ass. The game was like a novel unfolding as you watched it. It had EVERYTHING! Hand balls, red cards, rain pouring down, soaking wet players, lots of drama, hotness, what can I say? Just a thing of beauty! Nacional ended up winning 2 - 1 despite being down to 10 men.
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Well, it's been sort of depressing today. First, Lazio won, which is okay, although it didn't really matter to me who won that game. Next, Manchester City were horrible this morning. What a waste of time to watch that game. I switched back & forth between that and the Valladolid-Sevilla game. Both games started off very poor...everyone was running like they had dead legs. Then it looked like Sevilla kicked into high gear, but they ended up blowing the game at the end and losing to Valladolid.

After that, I thought I'd enjoy the Real Madrid game, but WTF happened? It was like everyone at RM had their minds on Wednesday's upcoming game vs Juventus in the CL. They just weren't focused. But why did Schuster take out Higuain before full time? He was their best bet to score a winner like he does, in the final seconds. Very disappointing.

After that I watched Real Betis vs Deportivo La Coruna. That was better, although Betis played with no confidence. They totally reminded me of Spurs a couple of weeks ago, before Juande Ramos got fired. There's a good chance that Caparros, Betis' manager, could get the axe this week. It could be what the players need. But Depor played really well, especially Andres Guardado, the little Mexican national, and Angel Lafita, who got 'Man of the Match' for his great play, including scoring a brace in their 3-0 win over Betis.

Now I am watching the Boca-San Lorenzo game. It's looking good so far, with both teams playing great. Boca is up 1-0 after the first 9 minutes. I've got to get back to it in case I miss something! Facundo Roncaglia is playing♥. That Pablo Mouche is like a little firecracker! He is awesome! So is Javier Garcia, Boca's new (and HOT) GK. If the score stays like this, there will be a 3-way tie at the top of the league, with San Lorenzo, Tigre and Boca all on 26 points!


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