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These seem to be making the rounds:

First, a musical meme:

Musical I hate: Carrie (I haven't seen it but it just sounds horrible)
Musical that's overrated: A Chorus Line
Musical that's underrated: Thoroughly Modern Millie
Musical I love: South Pacific
Musical I cherish: Funny Girl
Musical that changed my life: On A Clear Day You Can See Forever
First musical I was in: I wasn't IN any musicals! My son Jamie was in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in school. Does that count?
First professional musical I saw : Man of La Mancha

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At first I didn't intend to write something so long and in-depth, but then realized that this is a subject that is far too difficult with which to take the lazy way out.

Thomas is a young man in his early-to-mid 20s who has served 8 years in prison for killing a young boy. He always maintained that it was an accident - certainly, it was not an overly heinous murder but a negligent drowning - however, the child's body was never found, so nothing could be proved.

Thomas' crime was not committed by him alone, but also by a friend who curiously still remains in prison. It is not known why, but is presumably because Thomas had testified that he and his companion on that day only took the boy Isak to play on the riverbank, that Isak ran away from them, fell, hitting his head on some rocks, and frightened by all the blood, thinking the child was dead, Thomas' friend told him to "put the body in the water", so he did. The "water" was a fast-moving stream and Isak was swept away, never to be found.

The other primary character in this story is Isak's mother, Agnes. Agnes undoubtedly feels guilty for having left Isak alone in his stroller outside a busy ice cream shop while she lined up inside. The fact that she spilled some chocolate ice cream on her white sweater and went into the washroom to clean herself up also added extra time to the interval that she was gone. At the trial, she never believed Thomas and his friend's story, thinking that they each blamed the other and neither told the truth about what actually happened. Agnes is also a schoolteacher and a control freak (which is not a bad thing, certainly not in the context of this story).

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Today was terribly hot - that flesh-melting, steaming-blob-on-the-pavement kind of hot in which you can do NOTHING but flop down somewhere and stay there for hours not moving at ALL.

I had to work today. Sean wanted me to bring him home a smoothie and a sandwich from Tim Horton's, but I could NOT walk the half-block to Timmy's in this weather at lunch-time. I got him a smoothie from the coffee shop downstairs so I didn't have to go outside, and thank god Eddie went to the grocery store today and bought a fresh baguette, so I was able to make him a sandwich when I got home.

But seriously, we have an indoor-outdoor thermometer which is right now showing 109 degrees F outside and 76 inside. Even the 76 is a bit too much but at least it's not 109! The inside-the-car thermometer was showing 36 C on the way home, which I suppose is the equivalent of near 100 F.

Some of my plants are dying. Everyone's lawn has gone from lush green to dusty brown in the matter of a week. We killed two weird-looking bugs inside the clinic today. That's not good.

But in talking to Olivia on Skype, I discovered that in Lloydminster, Alberta it never gets above 23 C during the day and drops to 5 C at night - perfect sleeping weather. And it stays light outside until almost midnight. And they get the Northern Lights! If anyone doesn't know what the Northern Lights are, here:


The picture was taken near Edmonton, Alberta, which is near where Olivia is living as well.

So I am good for nothing the rest of the day. I am going to watch some movies, try to eat something although I'm not even hungry, and then go to bed.

Btw, last night I watched an absolute stunner of a movie. It was just excellent, and not the type of thing I usually like (a prison movie) but it was so much more and I thought it was great. It's called 'A Prophet' and here are the details:

And last week I enjoyed another immensely entertaining film called 'Winter in Wartime', about a couple of Dutch kids who rescue a stranded British pilot during WWII. It was not at all depressing, but kept me on the edge of my seat with its amazing suspense. And it was beautifully photographed, as well as starring the incredibly attractive Jamie Campbell Bower as the downed pilot.

Okay, time to soldier on...

Hope everyone is managing to keep cool! :)
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A movie and a TV series.

I don't think I've ever been more shocked and chilled by a film than I was last night by 'Madeinusa'.

No horror film I have ever seen matched this one. Okay, maybe 'The Lottery'. I was fully sucked in, thinking it would be a sweet love story between a repressed Peruvian village girl and the handsome stranger she meets when he is trapped in the village by flooding on the main road while he is passing through.

Seriously, I have no words. Read this:


On the other hand, yesterday I finished watching the British TV series, "Life On Mars", only 16 episodes in all, over the span of two seasons. What a delightful, uplifting series it was, with its 'strange' beginning, supernatural aura, yet completely compelling storyline and loveable characters. I'm in love with the show and its characters, and felt sad when it ended. But at least it had the best possible ending.

Apparently there was an American remake, but I don't think it was as well received as the British one.

I actually recommend both highly, even though 'Madeinusa' shocked me out of my shoes. But I still consider it well worth watching, as a horror film for sure.
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The funny side of autism:

I asked Sean why he rearranges his furniture at angles so it's not flat against the wall, and he told me it's because he leans on it, thus it gets pushed away from the wall a bit, and gets stuck at odd angles. I had to laugh because his explanation was so simple and the reason was not that he did it deliberately.

On another note, his sudden blurting has escalated, to the point I'm worried he might develop Tourette's Syndrome. So far Sean is not on any medications and I'd like to keep it that way. Any kind of drugs/medications are bad, very bad. Because I work in a doctor's office, I know so many things...I always threatened to write a book blowing the whistle on the medical profession when I retire. But I am seriously thinking about starting it now, because I think it will take me a long time to finish it and I want to get certain facts out there in the public.

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An autobiographical movie from 2009 written, directed and starring Xavier Dolan, depicting his own life as a gay teenager growing up in Montreal, this is probably the best Canadian film I've ever seen. It won three awards at Cannes where it was first shown, and apparently received an eight-minute long standing ovation. Yes, it's that good. :)

It was Canada's selection for Best Foreign Film at the 2009 Academy Awards.

Xavier himself plays the part of Hubert. His best friend (and lover) is played by none other than Francois Arnaud, who is currently playing the part of Cesare Borgia on 'The Borgias'.

Francois Arnaud


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Here is the trailer from Youtube:

This award-winning film is an intense, riveting, beautifully filmed drama about an 11-year-old boy trying to survive in El Salvador with his family, during the war which took place from 1980-1992. After the war was over, Oscar Torres returned to script and film his story.

The kids in the film go to school every day and try to live and maintain their family lives amid frequent gunfire, bullets raining down on them on an almost-daily basis. The army regularly invades the school in order to round up 12 year old boys, taking them into service. Oscar Torres' name in the film is 'Chava', and he is 11, soon to turn 12. He lives in a shanty town with his mother, sister and young brother. His father left for good several years before, to go to live in the USA, and his uncle has joined the nearby but hidden guerrilla army who fight the soldiers. During a brief visit, his uncle tells Chava to come and join the guerrillas before he is conscripted into the hated regular army. Eventually Chava does so, but with terrible consequences.

The actors in this movie are amazingly talented. Leonor Varela plays Chava's mother, Daniel Jimenez Cacho is the town's rebellious priest, and both brave souls are trying to hold their families/parishes together under the most unbearably impossible circumstances. Carlos Padilla, who plays Chava, creates a beautifully emotional, heartbreaking performance. Apparently Oscar Torres (the real Chava) who wrote the film and was on set during the filming, would break down and cry uncontrollably between takes.

On a side note, Daniel Jimenez Cacho is one of my favourite Latino actors. He played the lead role in one of my all-time favourite movies, 'Perder Es Cuestion de Metodo'.

Despite some of the most tragic events I've ever witnessed on film, the movie is well worth watching. For me it was an immensely rewarding experience. It actually does have a happy ending (sort of), even despite so many horrific events occurring during the film. I want to point out too, that this is not a bloody movie at all - while there are harrowing scenes, there is nothing gory or graphic. What this movie does more than anything is show the real victims of war, the innocent people whose lives are irreparably changed by events they cannot control, the useless, ridiculous wars that human beings perpetrate upon each other.

And here is a link to the Wiki Page:
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EVEN THE RAIN (Tambien La Lluvia)


Luis Tosar: Costa
Gael Garcia Bernal: Sebastian
Juan Carlos Aduviri: Daniel
Milena Soliz: Belen




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