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A rabbit is eating my Asiatic lilies that are growing from bulbs I planted in the ground. I saw the little bastard nibbling in the garden the other evening. I've had to put green netting all over the area where I planted the bulbs...the tops have been bitten off so I am hoping that the plants will still grow. There are only four left but I planted nine. I suppose the rabbit dug out and ate the other five bulbs. *sigh*

The French Open tennis tournament is almost over. It's been eating up a huge amount of my time the pat two weeks. Since I am totally sick of the "top four" (Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic, Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer) in my book, even though Rafa and Roger are no longer rated in the top four by the tennis powers that be, they still seem to be the most talked about. Of course I am bitter that my faves are out (Milos Raonic, Juan Martin Del Potro) but I have found two new faves - Stan Wawrinka and Dominic Thiem. Stan is in the final vs Rafa and I'm hoping that he will win. I am not really interested in the women's, doubles or mixed doubles side of it.

I've been trying not to follow the James Comey interrogation on TV but I've been reading about it on some of my apps like Pocket Hits and The New Yorker. I hope the results will be as revealing about Trump as I think they will be despite the twisting of facts and opinions by the Republicans.

Of course I've been spending too much time on Tumblr. Such pretty pictures but what comes to mind is a recent phrase I picked up from somewhere: "Whiny, triggered millenials". So apt. And I'm so sick of them.

Yes, I am procrastinating something terrible. I should be writing! Instead, I have been watching tennis and gardening although I have been doing some more reading about the SWG subject I am working on. I've decided that I don't like the original idea I had for the way I was going to approach the subject matter so I am going to start from scratch. If I like the way the new story is going I think it will make it easier to write.
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