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I don't post much. This is because my days are usually overwhelming and when I even think about posting something I know it will take hours just to figure out where to begin. But recently I've had internet issues that prevented me from doing anything online the past few days. (Thank YOU, Windows 10 update!!!) While I could have used the extra time to catch up on writing the things I should, instead I read and watched a lot of TV and movies.

The best TV show I watched was Season Four of Line of Duty. The DVD just came out in Region 2 format. Since I have an all-region DVD player I bought one and have just finished it. You know those TV shows that come along once in awhile and make you think "this is the best show ever"? Well, currently that's Line of Duty. In the past I've felt that way about "Breaking Bad" and before it, "24".

As for movies, I have to say PBS' 2-hour one the other night, "Dark Angel" was rather shattering. It stars Joanne Froggatt of Downton Abbey fame as Mary Ann Cotton, a Victorian-era serial killer (she was a poisoner). Joanne F. was riveting in the part but I didn't sleep well after watching it. It was based on the true story. Here are some details at Radio Times:

In real life stuff, Sean is sick with a sore throat and not back at school today. He actually can't talk, making it too quiet around here. The house needs a good cleaning but I can't get motivated yet.

I've also left it late to begin writing my story for the new SWG challenge (although I've decided to base it around the story of Beleg and Turin Turambar). I still need to do some research, come up with a title, block out some ideas and write the sucker! I'm also 3 challenges behind on Reuben's Weekly Challenge and I still need to write 2 more RPS stories for people.

What else? Tragedies lately! The Manchester thing is horrendous. Also the death of motocross racer Nicky Hayden, not from a competition but from a random accident in Italy when he was hit by a car while riding his bicycle. I'm shattered by both events and my condolences go out to everyone affected by them.

Today we have to do the grocery shopping and take our borrowed DVD's back to the library. Mine were all British mystery or crime series and Eddie's were pretty much all war movies. That reflects on what we're both into right now.

Cheers. I hope to catch up with all of you soon!

Date: 2017-05-25 05:10 pm (UTC)
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We loved Line of Duty. Absolutely gripping TV.

Such devastating news from Manchester this week.

My daughter and Son-in-Law go there for a treat night out, or day at the Arndale shopping center. It's not too far a drive from Lancaster where they live.

Has a minute silence today at to remember those injured or gone. I was in aerobics with lots of other ladies. Glad we were all together.

Hugs, XX.


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