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I really wanted just to make an update post on my husband. He came home from the hospital a week ago because the bleeding in his brain had stopped and he had no terrible lasting effects from it. The first few days were tense because he kept having TIA's that each lasted about 20 minutes throughout the day. These are periods of right-sided numbness and tingling from his shoulder down to his mid-calf and also affected his hand and fingers. He wanted to sit with me for periods during the day because he was very worried. On Saturday he spent all day in bed in an attempt to prevent them from occurring. It worked for the most part although he had one at 5 a.m. on Sunday. I knew that he wasn't taking his new medication properly but I could not convince him how important it was to do so. We made an appointment to see the family doctor who was more convincing than me (after all, I am his wife so why would he listen to me?) for Tuesday and by then he was much improved. Now that he is taking the medication as directed he finds the TIA's have stopped. The most important thing is for him to keep his blood pressure down and between 100-150 (the systolic or upper number) which will presumably help him avoid bursting his blood vessels in future. And he should try to keep calm and not let too many little things bother him. (This IMO is his main problem.)

Okay, enough about him. I don't want to make this a boring post about medical conditions! At least he is feeling better and we can both breathe more easily now.

During the time I was home alone I took time to clean house and declutter. When my son left home he left behind a great number of clothes that I hate to throw away. I did give a lot to charity and actually sold some at a consignment store as well. Jamie was/is a real clotheshorse and has wasted many precious dollars on his outfits. For instance, who in the world needs 50 white t-shirts? I highly suspect that he wore each shirt only once!

To segue, I once worked with a young girl who would buy a new pair of blue jeans every Friday after work to wear to the bars/discos. She would not wear the jeans again after that, but would donate them to charity. I thought she was crazy, but to each his own I guess.

Anyway, I also found about a dozen shirts of Jamie's that I like, in the Henley style and with a basket-weave texture. I decided to keep these for myself along with a few wife-beaters which I like to wear as vests over top of my turtlenecks.

I also find since I retired and am sitting around a lot more, my neck, waist and feet become very uncomfortably cold. I'm sure this will go away when the warm weather arises but for now I am wearing turtleneck sweaters all the time. I cannot tolerate any tops that are too short, i.e. that fall just at the waist or above. I can only tolerate tops that are long in length to cover my waistline. And I find that thermal socks are great for my feet, or else I wear two pairs of socks - the outer socks are those woolly men's work socks. Thermal insoles are also great for my shoes/boots/slippers. I have two pair that are easy to wash and I alternate them.

When I think of how fashion conscious I used to be I laugh! One of my friends dropped by yesterday evening and I think she was shocked to see me in an orange turtleneck with one of Jamie's black Under Armour wife-beaters over top, black sweatpants, no make-up and my hair pulled into a ponytail. That look is totally not me, or at least it wasn't a year ago. I guess it is the new me now!


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