Apr. 24th, 2017

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I'm trying to figure out how to post photos. I tried doing the e-mail thing but nothing happened.

Will open an Instagram account and see if that works. *sigh* I've exhausted myself so might go and have a nap now before I try again.

Here is the post I wanted to make (with photos if I could manage it):

One of my hobbies is gardening but in recent years I've had to scale down my attempts to putter in the garden because work was getting to me to the point I'd arrive home exhausted and want to do nothing else but sleep. I was able to cut my job's hours down and started working a different, later shift in attempt to alleviate this but that just created more problems. When I retired at the end of June last year and my daughter Olivia came to stay with us for a few weeks the most enjoyable time we spent together was in scouring the nurseries for flowering plants and herbs, which she helped me to plant in both the front and back garden beds.

One thing I discovered last summer was that I like bulbs and tuberous plants better than any other kind! Shopping taught me how expensive plants have become, so to buy the kind that flower profusely and then can be dug up, stored over winter and then planted again come spring seemed the best option for me. I fell in love with dahlias, calla lilies and caladiums, to name a few. I've grown tuberous begonias in the past and intend to get some of these this summer. From a company called Breck's Bulbs, I've ordered about 50 or so lily bulbs which should be arriving in later spring for me to plant when the chance of frost during the night has passed. I did order daffodils, bluebell and snowdrop bulbs from them last fall and they turned out very well. The bluebell leaves are up but they haven't flowered yet. When they do I'll have to take some photos and post them.

Yesterday I took my five sets of dahlia tubers out of storage (one of them was already spouting stems!) and planted them in pots so they can get a head start growing before I plant them in the garden in a few weeks' time. However, I left the pots outside, forgetting to bring them in last night so I hope they survived! I will be extremely upset if they don't! I think last night's temperature dropped to about 4 degrees Celsius (what's that - about 40 degrees F?) so there was no frost at least.


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